An Organized Lifestyle

How to Organize your Jewelry

I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them. We have been talking a lot lately about getting your tween or teen organized and today we are doing to dive in to organizing their physical stuff. As my girls get older and just by nature have […]

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Getting Tweens Organized and Erin Condren Event Recap

Getting organized with tweens really starts with a great calendar system and it is what we practice in our home. Truly developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success at home, at school and really in life. Having a system that is visual for keeping appointments, activities, reminders, schedules and more has really proved to be beneficial in several areas than just home. Creating and maintaining a calendar also creates more organization around morning and night routines, study skills and at for at school.

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An Organized Lifestyle

The 5 times that organization helped me in my 30s

Today, June 1st, I turn 40. I am closing out my most challenging, rewarding, and life altering decade. In my 30s there were at least 5 major life changes where organization helped me…and when I say “helped” me at points, being organized actually saved me. Saved me from having to focus on the unnecessary and waste time, saved my sanity so that I could just stick to the routine and saved me money because I knew what I had and didn’t overspend which saved me lots of unnecessary stress. Here is a little insight into my life and how I navigated it all!

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