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My Favorite Amazon Products for Closet Organization in 2024

January 23, 2024

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People often ask about my go-to Amazon products for keeping a closet in order, so I’m thrilled to share my current absolute favorites.

Whether you’re an Amazon fan or not, it does have very quick shipping and a ton of options for closet organization.

Amazon also has some great price points on closet organization products. Whether you’re already in the midst of organizing your closet or planning to tackle it in the coming months, these recommendations will definitely make the process smoother.

Each of these products is carefully chosen to contribute to the seamless organization of your closet. Their versatility makes them obvious choices, and I believe they will greatly assist you in achieving a well-organized and clutter-free closet.

The most fundamental pieces that anyone needs for organizing their closet are great Non-Slip Velvet Hangers for everyday items, Wood Hangers if you have the room or like the look, and hangers for hanging skirts and pants like these Wooden Hangers With Clips. Great drawer dividers like these Bamboo Drawer Dividers are also a necessity for folded items inside of drawers.

acrylic belt organizer

This belt organizer is great when rolling belts as a way to store them all in one place. It allows you to save vertical space in your closet for something else and organize your belts inside a drawer or on top of a dresser. A bonus? It also organizes ties and scarves.

 In my mind, you can never go wrong with a bamboo bin. These bins are perfect for storing smaller items like bathing suits to socks, and tanks.

bamboo bin
S hooks

My absolute favorite hooks for organizing larger purses that you might use more often or need access to. These hooks are also great for those who want to hang their jeans and have them more visible versus folding them.

I am also a big fan of this Clutch Divider for organizing your smaller purses and these Purse Shapers designed to maintain the shape of your handbags from the inside. These accessories have been game-changers for our clients in keeping purse collections tidy and well-maintained. And if you are looking for a great way to organize the inside of your larger purses, I have found this Purse Organizer to be an absolute game changer!An option for hanging purses are these Adhesive Robe or Purse Hooks which are perfect for those that have wall space. These hooks are adhesive so they’re extremely easy to attach to a wall and can be used to hang not just purses but also robes, clothing not ready for the wash or necklaces.

When trying to organize items on your shelves like sweaters, sweatpants and bulkier purses, I find these Acrylic Shelf Dividers to be the best. They easily glide onto a shelf and act like bookends keeping the contents in between them completely organized .For those with a single hanging bar in their closet but in need of additional space for folded items or purses, the Hanging Shelf Organizer is a fantastic solution to maximize vertical space. And when the solution to containing something on a shelf is a bin, I think these Rattan Bins are a great option as they come in three different sizes.

Whether you are hanging a baseball hat that you might wear more often or a sun hat that is just for the warmer weather, these hat hooks are easy to install on any wall and the perfect way to display your hats. They allow you to organize your hats while also creating a bit of a display.

adhesive hat hooks
purse display stand

These stands are a great option for those that want to display purses inside the closet. They are adjustable and come in a variety of colors and really can help showcase your favorite purses, creating a more store-like environment.

When it comes to organizing shoes and boots, the best storage solution depends largely on the available space in your closet. If you have room on the floor to organize your shoes, my favorite solution is this Bamboo Shoe Rack. And if you need to conserve your floor space, this Stackable Shoe Storage is a great option. These Boot Inserts are a must for keeping the shape of your taller boots.

Organizing jewelry is also important and I am partial to this Stacking Jewelry Box. It conserves space on top of a dresser or shelf and allows you to categorize everything inside. This Jewelry Organizer is also a great option for  organizing necklaces. And if you have a lot of sunglasses to organize, I am a huge fan of this Sunglass Organizer Tray as a way to contain, display and organize them.

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