Getting Tweens Organized and Erin Condren Event Recap

January 23, 2020

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A few weeks ago my girls and I hosted an event at the Erin Condren store in Fairfax, Virginia at the Mosaic District. Thank you so much to all of you that came out and were a part of it! It was so wonderful getting to meet you and spend time with you and your children. And if you haven’t been out to an Erin Condren store, I would highly recommend taking a trip to the store in the Mosaic District. It is beautiful, the layout is so inviting and the products are organized to perfection – which makes shopping a little too easy!

Erin Condren Tween Calendar Event Rachel Organizes

At the event, we discussed and then created calendars. My girls explained how as tweens, they put together their calendars and the benefits of having a calendar to look out each month. They also showed how keeping appointments, special occasions, activities and more organized on a calendar contributes to being more organized with your time and therefore how you have to bug mom less about what the day’s plan is! Part of the fun was the true creativity that went into making the calendars and having the attendees get to experience some of the magic behind having a calendar. I know for my girls, having things organized in a beautiful way really contributes to their mindset each day. They get up and look at their calendars and go to bed with crossing the day and its tasks off.

Getting organized with tweens really starts with a great calendar system and it is what we practice in our home. Truly developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success at home, at school and really in life. Having a system that is visual for keeping appointments, activities, reminders, schedules and more has really proved to be beneficial in several areas than just home. Creating and maintaining a calendar also creates more organization around morning and night routines, study skills and at for at school.

There were so many options to choose from at the store and the options are truly endless online when it comes to Erin Condren and her life planners, calendars and other accessories. And since there are so many choices to choose from, I have picked some of my favorites and listed them below so that you don’t have to search the website (although I do suggest taking a peak at all they have to offer!)

Kids Planner

Cherry Blossom Planny Pack

Kaleidoscope Colorful Storage Box

Hexagon Clipboard

Metallic Charcoal Pen and and Clip Holder

Retro Stripes Designer Schedule Pad

• Designer Flashcards Woven Wonder

Putting in place a visual reminder like a calendar for daily appointments and future commitments has been helpful not only short term time management but overall time management. Having upcoming deadlines visible so they don’t go unnoticed and being able to mark off days as soon as days pass, allows tweens to create critical thinking systems that will benefit them in years to come.

And if your tween doesn’t like the idea of a paper calendar, then I would suggest finding something that is digital if that is what would be easier for them. I think the calendar that your tween chooses depends a lot on how your tween best processes information and as I always say, you know your child best.

So, whatever type of calendar your tween picks, I think creating the routine of discussing upcoming events can be helpful to reinforce what the important things are on the horizon and keep everyone in the loop on academic and social commitments.







ErinCondren Planner Event for Teens  Rachel Organizes

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