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Brand Partnerships

As someone who is deeply trusted by parents and busy professionals, I receive many inquiries about the products I use and the brands I endorse. This fuels my quest for partnerships with companies that offer high quality , functional and visually pleasing solutions. I'm eager to collaborate with those who provide ideas, products, and solutions that help to create an organized environment for homes, offices, and life!

Whatever your marketing goals are, I offer excellent opportunities to meet your needs.

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An Engaged Audience

My audience is committed to the topics and tips that I discuss throughout my blog, bi-weekly newsletter, engagement on Instagram and a series on Instagram Live titled "Rachel’s Resources." Additionally, I share engaging how-to videos and showcase my personal favorite products to connect with my audience.

Product Placement

There are a variety of partnership and product placement opportunities throughout the content that I provide my audience. Whether it is a discount code, giveaway, static post, Reel or Rachel’s Resources video, my audience knows that I will only post products that I actually use and believe in.

a successful marketing campaign

Check out some of my highly successful campaigns below. Past campaigns have resulted in media placements, concrete sales for a company, exposure to a brand new audience and more.

select collaborations

Today Parents

I partnered with TODAY Parents for an Instagram campaign (@todayparents), seamlessly blending my experience as a mom with a decade of organizing know-how. Through a series of photos and videos, she shared practical back-to-school tips and my favorite products.

The campaign resonated well with TODAY Parents' audience, known for seeking realistic family advice. The positive engagement underlined how my approachable tips and visuals were a helpful resource to the TODAY Parents community.

scope of work

Photography, social media posts, favorite products, working with brands on product

select collaborations

Container Store

For two years, I enjoyed a partnership with the Container Store in the role of a brand ambassador. Throughout this dynamic partnership, I engaged in monthly campaigns on Instagram, writing blogs, leveraging my social media presence, and effectively communicating with the media to spotlight and endorse the featured products.

One of the campaigns was focused on promoting a new line of products at The Container Store. The campaign included a blog post and Instagram feed post showcasing how to use the new products to organize a bathroom. Photos from the original post were reposted on at least three other Instagram accounts. The posts received over a million likes and over 1000 comments.

scope of work

2 year brand ambassadorship, photography, social media posts, favorite products, blog posts, sharing in newsletter.

select collaborations


I had a year long partnership with Scotch to assist with media placement for their products, writing blogs and creating engaging social media posts on Instagram. Being able to speak with the media and contribute to a variety of press outlets for Scotch provided the brand with important and more organic media exposure than they would have otherwise received.

scope of work

1 year brand ambassadorship, press outreach, photography, social media posts, favorite products, blog posts, sharing in newsletter,

select collaborations


I partnered with Framebridge, showcasing how frames are an amazing, clutter free, one of a kind gift, especially for those looking for a memorable gift around the holidays. I created frames for my husband and members of my family filled with sentimental photographs, like no other physical gift could bring.

The product images were shared on my blog, weekly newsletter and social media networks along with a discount code and a link directly to Framebridge’s website. The campaign was successful in increasing Framebridge’s social media following as well as increasing sales.

scope of work

Photography, social media posts, blog post, sharing in newsletter, discount code

select collaborations

Calia By Carrie Underwood

As part of her collaboration with CALIA by Carrie Underwood, I traveled to the Hamptons to speak to a gathering of influencers. These individuals were invited to CALIA's Summer House retreat in East Hampton, where they were treated to an exclusive preview of the swimwear line and the latest athleisure collection. The day was a perfect blend of fitness, pampering, and education.

I shared my insights on organized packing, a skill honed through my years of organizational expertise. I imparted my packing wisdom to the audience, underscoring the versatility and practicality of CALIA's athleticwear line for travel. The influencers loved my tips, tagging CALIA on their social media platforms, which significantly amplified brand awareness.

scope of work

Speaking engagement, social media posts, blog post, sharing in newsletter.

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“Rachel came to the table with ideas, instantly presented value, and did all the leg work in drawing up a plan and executing it.”

Rachel is a polished, successful entrepreneur and influencer who truly understands the power of collaboration and partnership and made it really easy to work with her. Rachel came to the table with ideas, instantly presented value, and did all the leg work in drawing up a plan and executing it. Rachel was able to expose our brand to an audience within our target demographic who had never heard of us before. She was able to showcase our products in a context that resonated with her audience an fit authentically into her life and her brand. 

"She got everything for our campaign to us early and was super put together."

I would highly recommend working with Rachel. She is professional, organized, and fun! She has the most organized brand, and is possibly the most organized person I have worked with. She got everything for our campaign to us early and was super put together. Besides it being a fun partnership, we received high resolution photos of our products staged and we gained followers on Instagram! Everyone must work with Rachel!

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