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Washington DC's Premier Closet Organizer & Design Company

Whether your current closets are no longer functional or you're moving into a new home and desire custom closets tailored to your needs, we are a full-service closet design company that prioritizes quality and personalization. We manage the entire process, ensuring your closets are not only practical but also beautifully made and a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Closet and Pantry Design

Established in 2007, we have built a unique reputation within the Washington, DC Metro area and beyond. Our clients range from high profile individuals and athletes to everyday people whose privacy is of the utmost importance - and the hundreds of repeat clients and referrals speak volumes about our reliability and track record.

Professional Organizing Services for residents in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas!

After the inital design & planning process,

our vendor partners or our in-house contractors will build your dream space. Our custom closet and pantry solutions seamlessly blend luxury, functionality, and beauty. We go beyond mere storage of your items, creating spaces that evolve with you—incorporating seasonal rotation systems and designs for growing families. We guarantee that the designs produced will be functional for your needs and create a customized approach for you.

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What sets us apart...

What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to detail and the comprehensive range of services we provide, resulting in flawlessly designed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing closets or built-in spaces. Collaborating closely with you, we craft custom solutions that optimize your space while perfectly accommodating your belongings. Whether it's a single closet or an entire home's storage, our tailored plans are designed to meet your unique needs.

Helping clients design a new primary closet space or pantry space is rewarding.” A great custom, luxury closet design can truly transform the way someone lives and functions in their daily life. When designing a space to fit someone’s specific needs and style, we are guaranteeing a better, simpler, beautifully organized way of life for them. A space that is tailored to a client allows them to enjoy life that much more. We help create spaces that are designed to be worth their investment and last. We can’t control too much in the world but we can control the spaces in our home which become natural extensions of our living spaces.

- Rachel Rosenthal

Our Six-Step Design Process

Complimentary Initial Consultation

We’ll speak over the phone to review your closet, pantry, or built-in vision. Taking time to understand your lifestyle, day-to-day routines, and style preferences, as well as your ideal functionality for the space, is key. 

in-person walkthrough

Space Planning, Impeccable Designs + Project Management

During our comprehensive hour-long walkthrough, we will discuss every facet of your project and vision and meticulously measure each space. We will take an inventory of everything you own and consider potential future items coming into your closet or the designed area. We will then put together an estimate, fully customized design, and plan for your project.

Working closely with you, our trusted closet partners, and other trades, we design a tailored closet or built-in area that optimally utilizes your space and aligns seamlessly with your storage needs. We make sure that there is room and functionality for everything that you would like to store. Our expertise spans various closet systems, including ELFA, Avera, and Preston at the Container Store, locally sourced solutions like California Closets, custom closets, and built-ins designed with architects and builders. 

We curate designs that evolve seamlessly with your lifestyle. Once your designs are approved, the process of planning and installing your closet build-out or built-in area commences. Our team takes charge, overseeing each step of the installation to ensure your designs come to life. Depending on your chosen trade partner, we are hands-on, managing the entire delivery and installation process on-site.

Source and Purchase Products 

We will source top-tier organizing products specifically tailored to complement your new closet or built-in space, considering your preferences and ideal aesthetic. Collaborating with your interior designer, we ensure that the organizing products not only enhance but also seamlessly match the new aesthetic of your space. The curated items we provide not only contribute to the organization of your newly designed area but also effortlessly integrate into your home and lifestyle.

We only utilize the highest quality organizing products — because we believe in investing in things that last.

In-Home Organization

Once your closet or built-in area is installed, we'll meticulously organize, categorize, and expertly arrange your belongings, implementing systems that ensure your newly designed closet or built-in area remains organized. 

Beautifully Organized Living

By asking insightful questions and listening to our clients' desires and needs, we craft closet designs and built-in solutions that not only beautifully organize but also simplify the way you live for years to come. We curate systems based on how you want to live.

Sarah B., Washington, DC

"I never knew how much a professional organizer could make a difference until Rachel came into the picture. I originally thought our fantastic architect could handle it all, but Rachel showed me the value. She really listened to our needs, our lifestyle, and teamed up with our architect to create the most amazing closets ever – not just ours, but even our kids' closets are next-level functional and beautiful. It's like she took our vision and made it a reality, and I'm so grateful for that extra touch."

Hillary G., Chevy Chase, MD 

"We were stuck with this really odd pantry space, and honestly, I had no clue how to make it work. Thanks to Rachel & Company’s expertise and their collaboration with California Closets, we now have the pantry I used to only dream about. The Rachel and Company team not only nailed the design but took care of everything from the very beginning to the end. Best decision and investment.” 

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