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How to Organize your Jewelry

February 5, 2020

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I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.

We have been talking a lot lately about getting your tween or teen organized and today we are doing to dive in to organizing their physical stuff. As my girls get older and just by nature have more things, we are working on creating a different relationship with their personal items and the level of responsibility that comes with those things. From the leap we took with getting the girls cell phones to them starting to wear nicer clothes and jewelry I want to make sure I am instilling in them a sense of responsibility for their things. We are working on the girls not only taking ownership of maintaining these items but also for keeping them organized and knowing where to find them each day.

As a mom to twin girls you know there is a lot of clothes and jewelry floating around our house. This week we decided to tackle the girls’ jewelry organization and create a system that works for them (and looks gorgeous in their rooms). The girls have started to wear nicer jewelry that is a step up from all the plastic baubles from their younger days and I wanted to make sure we have a place for each item. We knew we wanted to use the Stackers Glass Jewelry Boxes to give each girl’s’ treasures a home in their room.

As with any organization we started by laying out all of their jewelry and really took an inventory of what they have, what they can donate and what needs to be close at hand every day. From there we decided on the perfect combo of the Stackers Glass Jewelry Boxes for each girl. The great thing about the Stackers Glass Jewelry Boxes is their ability to be customized. Marin has more earrings so the layers with the smaller sections work great for her and Ellie has more bracelets so slightly larger compartments help her keep them organized and tangle free. The girls loved giving each piece a home and involving them in that process has given them that sense of ownership that I strive for so they will continue to maintain the organization and take good care of their jewelry.

Two of of my favorite parts of the Stackers pieces is ability to maximize space by going vertical and the look of the final piece. The sleek design looks great in their rooms and I know will continue to grow with them as they get even older (gulp!). We have used Stackers through our home (and in my clients’ homes) as they are such an elegant way to organize and display everything from favorite jewelry pieces to sunglasses.

I know that as the girls continue to get older we will have to tweak and modify the organizational systems in our family but creating a base, like these organized jewelry boxes, will continue to help that sense of organization stay as second nature in the girls’ daily life.




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