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How To Create An Organized Kids’ Room

December 12, 2023

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A lot of parents come to us for help feeling frustrated and annoyed that their kids’ rooms are messy and cluttered. And I get that.. especially during the holiday season before even more toys are about to come in to clutter the space more. And that no matter how these parents ask about it or set appropriate rules for cleaning up their rooms, things always look the same. Does that sound familiar to you?

To start, I feel like as parents we have to be realistic about how much our kids actually need to keep in their rooms and understand that your childrens’ rooms can be beautifully organized (just not neat), all the time. 

When creating beautifully organized kids’ spaces I recommend the following:

Involve Your Child

Any child over the age of 3 can be a part of the process of organizing their room. The more ownership a child feels about their room and the way things function and where things go, the more likely they will be to keep up with the systems in place.

Declutter with Your Child

As a reminder for anyone, there are only seven days in a week. Give yourself and your child permission to let go of things that they no longer use, love or works with in their current life stage. Decluttering is a great time to give a new home to those unused or unwanted items and it makes room for those that your child is using often or new items that are about to come in.

Bring in Beauty and Personality with the Organization

Once things are decluttered, create organized systems for the items to work in the space so that it is functional for things like toys, books and clothing in your child’s room. Once the systems are created, layer on the beauty and personality of the space through different colored or textured bins and baskets, creative storage solutions and personal touches. A few of my favorite things to help organize children’s spaces include these great stacking bins, and this super convenient desk organizer for all of their craft supplies. These stasher bags are also great for those small toys that come with a ton of pieces that need to stay together.

Make the Organizing Process Fun
and Rewarding

Whether your child is young or in their teens, try and make organizing, categorizing or decluttering a game or give out rewards for things like giving three stuffed animals new homes. Creating an environment where the process is fun and interesting will make the tasks at hand seem less daunting. Also, adding on a donation component for those items being let go over, will create a sense of purpose for your child.

Establish There is a Difference Between Being Neat and Organized

Your kids will live in their rooms and create a mess as that is inevitable. However, there is a difference between being neat all the time and being organized. If there are systems in place and a home for everything in their room, that means that it can always be organized and decluttered on a whim. Things can be put away (when they are messy) without spending a lot of time. Check out some more of my favorite organizing products on my website!

Decide That Organization
is a Way of Life

Getting organized isn’t a one time event but a way of life. New things will always come in, especially during the holidays but if you make organizing just something that is part of your daily life and routine as a family, it will not come as a surprise to your kids that before the holidays role around or before a birthday, there will be a decluttering process and time to let go of things they have outgrown, don’t love or are broken to make room for the new, shiny, age appropriate things coming in.

If you feel like you’re struggling and need some more help figuring out how to get your kids’ bedrooms organized before the craziness of the holidays begins (or even after once all the new stuff is in) make sure to schedule a call for personalized assistance with our team! We are happy to help get things organized.

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