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Spoiler Alert: I am Not a Fan of Valentine’s Day and Sharing Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Will Love To Give or Receive

February 10, 2023

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I will be honest, I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I feel like buying and receiving a card, flowers, candy and gifts just because it is a holiday feels not genuine and extremely wasteful. I also don’t love receiving things that I don’t actually need or love. I mean, how many of the things that are gifted or received for Valentine’s Day are truly things that the recipient will use or consume? Is what you are purchasing sustainable? Can it be used for a long period of time? Or will it end up as clutter in a few weeks?

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate that the holiday makes you stop and think about the love you do have in your life and allows you an opportunity to shower your partner with that love and appreciation but overall, the holiday seems like a day that encourages consuming things that you or your partner, don’t want or need. Maybe it is the organizer in me that sees what is inside people’s homes the days and weeks after a holiday (wow, I am truly starting to sound like a Debby Downer) but I just worry about all the consumption.

So what is my Valentine’s Day tip? Share with your partner what you would like to receive. Ask your partner what they would like to get. Or, for those that might think that asking takes away all the surprise and fun of it all, maybe opt for a sustainable consumable like local flowers.

All of that said, in the spirit of knowing that many people will continue to buy gifts for their partners or so you are able to give hints about what you might love this Valentine’s Day, I have curated a few sustainable gift ideas from things that I have been loving lately. Other great gift ideas include giving experiences, subscriptions, lessons you can do together, or tickets to a concert or sporting event and a donation in the donor’s name.

All of that said, I do truly hope you all find the love this Valentine’s Day whether as love from your partner, a fun Galentine’s night or maybe just a little self love in the form of decluttering your home. I know I am sending all of my love your way! Happy Valentine’s Day!

TELL ME: Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? How do you celebrate? What are you hoping to receive this year?

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

01. Meditation Pillow: Meditation can be truly life changing! This meditation pillow is the perfect gift for someone just getting started or even a little enhancement for someone already working on their practice.

02. Cashmere Sweater: The company uses the longest, thinnest fibers of raw cashmere, resulting in a more durable and pill-resistant sweater. And your valentine will look like a snack wearing it!

03. Body Oil: Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of winter when all of our skin could use a little love. This body oil is lightweight and non-greasy for that perfect winter relief.

04. Shampoo Bars: These shampoo bars are much more sustainable than traditional shampoo and the heart shape is just an extra Valentine’s Day bonus.

05. Leggings: Each pair of leggings is made out of 25 recycled water bottles — and you can recycle them when they’re too worn out to wear anymore! That is what I would call a sustainability win win.

06. Wireless Turntable: Can you think of anything more romantic than dancing in your living room with your valentine? This is a Valentine’s Day gift I can get behind. Something that adds joy and an experience to your life without creating clutter.

07. Robe: Make every day a spa day with this soft robe made from Global Organic Textile Standard certified cotton. The company takes careful steps to partner with sustainable mills and ship and package its products with environmentally friendly methods, so your recipient can truly relax and enjoy this comfortable robe. 

08. My Favorite Weighted Blanket: A good night’s sleep is the key to anyone’s heart, isn’t it? This is my favorite weighted blanket that brings me so much comfort and the added bonus that it is made from organic cotton.

09. Nut Milk Maker: Got nuts and get your partner this nut milk maker. I am dairy free so I love anything that allows me to enjoy my morning tea with a little creaminess and not only will this nut milk maker help you save on pre-made milks but it also produces the most delicious nut milk I have ever had.

10. Plants: Instead of flowers, opt for a plant that will last longer and provide more health benefits. Bonus points for a sweet heart shaped plant!

11. FaceMask: You know I am a skin care buff and there is no better way to my heart than through a quality product. I love this mask and would be trilled to receive it from my valentine!

12. Wine: This cab tastes as good as anything you’d find in a bottle and the box creates 85% less landfill waste and generates 59% fewer greenhouse gasses during the manufacturing process. 

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