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Form AND Function: The Partnership of a Professional Organizer and Interior Designer

January 30, 2020

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Design by JWS Interiors

Design by JWS Interiors

There are some partnerships that are simply matches made in heaven: cake and ice cream, Ross and Rachel, professional organizers and interior designers. In our line of work we are often working either in spaces that have been previously designed by an interior designer or (in our perfect world) working alongside interior designers to help craft beautiful functional spaces for our clients. It is no secret that we are hyper-focused on functionality in our organizing – our number one goal is creating order, purpose and ease for day to day living – and interior designers’ goals are more focused on the aesthetics of a space. Bringing our two strengths and focuses together results in a final space that works for both the clients design eye and daily life.

Over the years we have worked with and partnered with countless interior designers and the results are fantastic. From whole home designs with Sally Steponkus Roche and SCW Interiors including a stunning pantry and laundry room complete with gift wrapping station to beautiful custom closets with our input on the functionality and a designers input on the style – there has never been a scenario that the pairing doesn’t result in a better space. Could we give you our two cents on which carpet goes best in the closet we design, sure! Could your interior designer help suggest pantry bins, of course! But as with most things in life the end product is more successful when we both sick to our specialty.

As a professional organizer my main goals when working with a client AND interior designer is to help create balance. I want to ensure that i am suggesting products and systems that will not only function but look amazing with the design. We ask families how they see each space functioning and create creative solutions for each area that compliment the interior design. And on the flip side I so appreciate when designers ask our input on items like pantry design specific to the bins the client will need or mudroom layout to function the way a family of 6 needs it to on a daily basis. There is such mutual respect between professional organizers and interior designers and we know our clients benefit from the collaboration.

Design by SCW Interiors

Design by SCW Interiors

Design by Zoe Feldman Design

Design by Zoe Feldman Design

Design by Splendor Styling Design Studio

Design by Splendor Styling Design Studio

Washington DC Area Interior Designers

I often get asked for recommendations for interior designers in the greater Washington, DC area so I have put together my go to list. All of the designers on the list below are amazingly talented and most of them we have been honored to work alongside them over the years and/or see their work up close and personal. If you are in the market for an interior designer in the Washington, DC area, definitely start with this list! I couldn’t recommend them enough.

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