An Organized Lifestyle

How to Get Organized for Tax Season

Happy April! The first day of April often brings a bit of dread to many. And no, I am not talking about the fear of salt in the sugar bowl or toothpaste in your Oreos. But the first of April is often a reminder that tax day is quickly approaching. While this year we have […]

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An Organized Lifestyle

How to Organize Your Home Desk

These days more than ever a home office or desk is so critical to most of our everyday lives and the difference between an organized vs. cluttered space can make a huge difference. For those that live in apartments or simply a smaller space without the luxury of a dedicated home office, a desk space often has to play multiple roles.

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Time Management

5 Desk Organization Tips to Boost Productivity

I’ve noticed that having an office space that is beautifully designed and organized isn’t just a trend. Companies seem to be taking the time and are investing more in their employees and their surroundings by bringing in experts to create better work environments. From how the furniture is designed to the office, companies have taken notice of the positive impacts that organized office spaces can have on their employees and their productivity.

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