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May 23, 2018

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Is it just me or does it feel like I was just talking about back to school organization? How are we only one month away from another school year coming to a close! I’m probably a broken record at this point, but where does the time go?

Before I know it my girls will be packing up and heading off to camp for the summer (don’t worry, packing lists and prep on that topic are going to be on the blog soon enough), but I’m trying my best to stay focused on the now. I know that once summer comes that means farewell to our school routines, after school activity drop-offs, and evening quizzes of spelling words that I can barely pronounce!

In order to not get too overwhelmed by what’s to come in the next couple of months, I rely on making a to-do list (or lists, really) so that I can chart out what’s to come and what’s priority to start focusing on.

This is the time of year where I start preparing for what’s to come and the inevitable changes that are heading our way. That means preparing our home for the influx of school items (from SO many paper to figuring out where to store the supplies) so that when school is out for the summer there is a spot to put everything before it turns into clutter and chaos.

Of course, with end of year celebrations and final projects coming to a close, I don’t want to leave out the people who have helped my children grow over the last year: the teachers! I’ve started brainstorming some ideas for their end of the year gift, and I’ve stumbled across so many good ones that I wanted to share.

As a surprise to absolutely nobody, I’m all about giving a gift that won’t add clutter to a person’s life, which is why I am usually drawn to functional gifts.

Rachel and Company - Poppin - Teacher Gift Ideas - www.rachel-company.com


  1. Poppin products. The versatile and functional products can be used on their desk and in any room in their home. I keep a set of trays on my desk and the girls use the products in their rooms to corral hair products!*

  2. A cookbook. Since there won’t be papers to grade and lessons to create, hopefully they’ll be able to squeeze in a little extra time in the kitchen. They’ll thank you for the inspiration!

  3. A coffee travel mug with a coffee shop gift card. Because really, isn’t caffeine always a crowd pleaser with teachers?!

  4. A cute tote (like this or this) that they can carry during their summer travels.

  5. An experience (a total clutter-free gift!), like tickets to the movies, a nail salon, a restaurant, or a local spa.

Want some more teacher gift ideas? Head over to my Amazon list where I’ve corralled all of my favorites!

Rachel and Company - Poppin - www.rachel-company.com

***PS: Love Poppin products? We’re offering 30% off all Poppin products through May 31! Just use the code TEACHER18 at checkout to save!

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