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The Month of Love and Organization as a Form of Self Love

February 2, 2022

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Thanks to Saint Valentine and let’s be honest, Hallmark, the month of love is upon us. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of February is likely conversation hearts, roses, love notes and overpriced prefixed meals. But I think why not put the month of love to use for more than just greeting card love? As you may remember, our theme for the month of January was routines. On Instagram, the newsletter and here on the blog we talked all about routines and how to implement them into your life (catch up the routines blog posts here and here). I am excited to announce that our theme for the month of February is love!

I am going to be using the month of February to focus in on all the things that I love and I encourage you to do the same. That said, I am going to be looking beyond those that I love (don’t worry Jon, you will still always be my valentine) and explore all types of love. This month I will be focusing on:

  • How to use organization as a form of self love

  • Products that I love

  • Organization techniques that I love

  • Spaces that I love

  • Areas of my life and business that I love, specifically speaking (both virtually and in person)

  • And finally giveaways to both share the love with you and highlight things that I love in my life

In the crazy world that we live in it is so important to focus on things that you love and how they improve your life. Nat King Cole said it best “Love was made for me and you.” To kick off our month of love, let’s focus on the me part of that sentiment and chat about how to use organization as a form of self love.

How To Use Organization as a Form of Self Love

We definitely live in a society that encourages us to treat yo self but sometimes it is easy to forget that treating yourself can go beyond a pedicure or enjoying that slice of cake (although I wholeheartedly encourage you to do both of those things every now and then too). Treating yourself can be about investing in change that improves your daily life. Getting organized is transformative and I believe is the ultimate way of showing self love. Organization can reduce stress, help you create balance in your life, increase productivity and support other goals you have (like eating healthy).

This February I encourage you to show yourself some self love and tackle at least one organizing product. I am not saying you need to flip your house upside down and organize every single area but even one small organizational project can make a difference and let you be your own valentine. Here are a few quick and easy ways you can show yourself some love this month and by getting organized:

  • Organize Your Purse

  • Create a Healthy Breakfast Station in Your Kitchen

  • Organize Your Spices

  • Declutter and Organize One Specific Category (think your reusable grocery bags or your lipsticks)

  • Organize Your Linen Closet

  • Go Through Your Food Storage Containers (make sure everything has a matching lid and toss anything that doesn’t)

  • Clean Out and Organize Your Fridge

TELL ME: what are you going to organize this month? And make sure to keep an eye on Instagram for more of our month of love (including some fun giveaways!).

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I have wanted for long to make my closer better. I have ordered some wall decals and am going to organize everything in my closet to make sure I still like it and add the wall stickers to make it feel happier whenever I go in there.

  2. Rachel says:

    That sounds like such a great plan!! Stickers will definitely help. Good luck.

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