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Spaces I Love: Custom Walk In Closet

February 16, 2022

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It is only fitting that during this month we have devoted to love that I share a space with you I truly love. As a professional organizer in the Washington DC area I get to see a lot of spaces as we organize and manage moves for families. We get to see everything from custom built homes to beautiful designed pantries to flawless custom kitchens. Every once in a while there is a space that I truly fall in love with and this custom walk in closet is most certainly one of those spaces!

Not only is this closet simply stunning but there are so many details throughout the space that just make sense for organization. As a closet designer, I am always focused just as much on the functionality of a closet as I am the beautiful design. There is nothing more frustrating as a professional organizer in Virginia and Maryland than when we enter a beautiful closet and organization wasn’t taken into account when designing the space. The main goal of a closet has to be functionality and then the pretty not the other way around.

Some of my favorite features of this space are:

  • The large island in the center of her closet. Adding an island, when space allows, is always a dream of my clients when I am working as a closet designer. There is something so luxurious about having an island in your closet but there is major functionality as well. The island in this closet allowed for a number of drawers that we used to organize our client’s leggings. We added clear drawer dividers to keep everything neat, tidy and easy to maintain.

  • A lot of hanging space! As you can see in her closet all of the hanging space is long hang. Because there is enough room in the closet, all of the hanging sections were designed as long hang as opposed to double hang. This gave us more flexibility when organizing the closet to not have to worry about having enough space for dresses and longer items. It did result in a number of sections with space at the bottom under the hanging items which we used to organize our client’s impressive collection of boots. We added in boot shapers to ensure the boots kept their shape over time.

  • Shelves for jeans. I am a big believer in storing jeans on shelves vs. hanging. I love that this closet has a space perfect for our client’s jeans to keep them separated on shelves so they are easy to access and not toppling over in one giant stack.

  • Options for jewelry storage. In the center of the gorgeous wall of shoes (can we take a moment for this beautiful sight!) is a section of drawers perfect for jewelry. We added jewelry organizers to the drawers and a few additional acrylic storage pieces on top so she can keep her jewelry organized all in one spot.

  • Honorable mentions in this closet go out to the chic slim black hangers and purse stuffers (we can’t get enough of these to help purses keep their shape).

At the end of the day this closet is not only beautiful but functional allowing our client to feel like she is shopping in her own closet each morning. TELL ME: what is your favorite part of this stunning space?

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