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A Peek into My Morning Routine

January 19, 2022

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I am a total morning person (without even an inkling of a night owl) but that doesn’t mean that having a routine in the morning comes naturally to me. I have had to work on figuring out what is best for me in the mornings and do have to make tweaks to my routine from time to time. However, I know that having a morning routine happens to be one of the best decisions of my day!

If you have been following the blog, newsletter or Instagram this month you know that we are deep diving into all things routines. Earlier this month on the blog, I shared my tips on how to start a routine and even which routines can help support your New Year’s resolutions (see that post here and don’t forget it is never too late to start a resolution). I shared my work from home routine in a Reel and my girls even went LIVE on Instagram with me to chat about teens and routines. But today I want to share a look into what I think is one of the most impactful routines you can set in your life….your morning routine.

Having a routine in place allows me to have everything I need for my morning to be both physically and mentally organized. My routine truly sets me up for success for the day. I can’t control if I oversleep because my alarm doesn’t go off or if my coffee spills on my clothing for the day (boy, do I miss drinking coffee!) but I can control an absolute ton about my morning routine. As much as people may think that organization is about rainbow order and alphabetization it is all about taking that control. There is so much in life that is outside of our control but routines and organization allow us to feel more empowered throughout the day.

My Morning Routine

Here is a peek at my morning routine but I preface this by saying I am by no means perfect in my routine. Yes, I am Type A and love a good routine but I am also human and while I try to stick to a morning routine, I am not extremely rigid about it. As we all know, things happen and adjustments need to be made to one’s routine to fit our everyday life.

  • Wake up and get out of bed

  • Meditate for a few minutes (I like Melissa Wood Health)

  • Help Jon get the girls out of the house for school.

    • It is important to note that my morning routine would look a lot different without Jon and I am so grateful for him. Jon has the “morning shift” in our house taking care of making the girls’ breakfast and lunch and I am in charge of our evening/bedtime routine. Our girls are older now and need much less support but we do try to balance all of those tasks as a family so each of us knows our role in each routine throughout the day.

  • Talk Poppy for a walk with Jon (only if it isn’t freezing out!)

  • Do a workout

    • I don’t workout everyday but make sure to incorporate it into my morning routine so it is checked off the list right away.

  • Shower and get ready for the day

  • Do my skin care routine

    • You all know by now that I am a skincare and beauty junkie! I love all things skincare so maintaining a good skincare routine is one of the ways that make sure I am practicing a little self-care each day. The products I currently use for my morning skin care routine are:

  • Do my makeup

  • Get dressed for the day

  • Make breakfast

    • I follow the same routine for breakfast just about each day.

      • Drink a big glass of water

      • Make a cup of tea (I keep my tea organized and handy in a tea box)

      • Prepare my breakfast – either a smoothie or something like a breakfast scramble (1 egg, brussel sprouts and cabbage) that I have been doing lately.

    • I keep this breakfast process streamlined with organization. For example, I keep all of my smoothie supplies in one bin that I can quickly and easily take out of the pantry.

  • Take my supplements

    • Each morning, when I then eat my breakfast, I also take all my morning supplements. I have all of these organized on a two-tier turntable to make it easier for me to know when to take what. I also reference a chart that my naturopath has put together for me because left to my own devices in the morning, I would definitely miss something!

    • Routines don’t have to be all about memory but setting yourself up for success. I don’t have to look for my supplements or the chart each morning because I know right where they are so I can easily take what I need.

  • Officially start my day!

As you can see my morning routine is actually a bunch of little routines stuck together. If the thought of creating a morning routine feels overwhelming try to look at it in little bursts. It might feel more comfortable to you to start with just a breakfast routine or just a packing lunches routine and then you can expand from there until your whole morning feels like a habit and not effort.

Finally, don’t forget to use organization to support your routine. Just as I have my smoothie supplies organized and my supplement station set up, you can translate organization into any step in your routine. For example, if you drink coffee, set up a coffee station near your coffee pot with mugs, filters, coffee and sweetener. If you love a good skincare routine like me, organize your bathroom to keep all of your morning skincare products together. Routines are there to make your life easier not to complicate them – allow organization to make that happen!

Overall I know that having a morning routine really allows me to feel like I am in control of how my day will start! Are you feeling inspired to add a little routine to your morning? TELL ME: what is one thing you are ready to change about your morning routine?

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    I’ve also tried to organize my home with a number of baskets, hoping I can keep it up.

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