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June 17, 2020

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I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.

Summer is officially here and having an organized fridge is more important than ever! Whether it is to help reinforce healthy eating habits (hello swimsuit season), giving your kids more independence with snack time or saving on a your grocery budget, an organized fridge can, and will, make an impact in your day to day life. This month I partnered with the team at The Container Store to try out the new The Home Edit and iDesign line of fridge and pantry organization products and give our fridge a summer ready refresh.

One of the biggest things I always say about fridge organization is that it isn’t a one time task – fridge organization takes maintenance and tweaking overtime. As you can see in the before pictures even my fridge was ready for a reset after a few weeks. While that philosophy will never fully leave the new products from The Container Store certainly help maintaining an organized fridge easier.

Ellie, Marin and I spent an afternoon reorganizing our fridge with the new products and we are all so thrilled with the end result. We used the tips below to select the best products for our space and maximize the functionality in our fridge.




How To Organize Your Fridge

  1. Utilize Height: One of the amazing things about the new The Home Edit and iDesign line of fridge items is the ability to utilize the height in your fridge. So many of the fridge bins, from the egg bin, berry bin and fridge drawers, are designed to stack on top of each other. This allows you to maximize the space by going vertical but still allows for easy access for the items stored underneath. We essentially created an additional shelf by creating a row of berry bins for our fruit storage that still leaves space on top of the bins for more rotating items like leftovers.

  2. Keep it Clear: Especially now as so many of us are still home for the foreseeable future and spending more time grocery shopping it is critical to know what you have on hand. Keeping your fridge bins clear allows you to quickly asses what you have, what you need to restock and just as importantly what you need to use up soon.

  3. Organized on a Shop Day: There is no use organizing your fridge on a day it is empty, it will just become overrun again the first time you hit the store. Make sure you are organizing your fridge and setting up systems that work when it is fully stocked.

  4. Create Zones: As with all organization it is important to create categories in your fridge: snacks for the kids, dinner ingredients, produce, etc. We used a mix of The Home Edit Narrow Pantry Bin, The Home Edit Small Fridge Bin and The Home Edit Stacking Pantry Bin to divide items in our fridge so we all know where everything lives. This is especially helpful as Ellie and Marin access the fridge so they know exactly where to find what they want and I hopefully hear one less “Mom, I need help” each day.

  5. Stay Fresh: I know I am not alone in trying to stretch time between grocery visits as long as possible, right? But I still LOVE fresh fruits and veggies and want to make sure we are incorporating them in to our daily meals. The Home Edit Produce Bin and The Home Edit Berry Bins are game changes! The bins have removable drainage trays to keep moisture away from produce, preserving the freshness of fruit and veggies.

See all of the products the girls and I used to refresh our fridge below and check out the full line at The Container Store. I can’t wait to see your fridge projects and how you put the new line to use.




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