The One Tool That Changed the Way I Ship

June 25, 2020

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This is a sponsored post by Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view and additional products used in this post were selected by me.

I have said it before and I will say it again: organizing isn’t just about organizing physical stuff it is about organizing and streamlining your daily life. From creating a new family system to trying out a new organization product, I am always looking for ways to continue to organize my life. I am excited to share with you a product that has done just that and changed the way I ship. Whether you run a small business (like me), are a serial Amazon returner or are simply shipping a gift to your niece, the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll is a total game changer.

Did you know that up until now, there could be up to 13 steps involved in preparing, packing and shipping with a box. What?!?! Talk about a non-streamlined way to live or ship packages. The Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll gives you the ability to streamline and speed up your shipping process.

The inconveniences of shipping shouldn’t be a necessary evil – there is a better way! Check out the video as I prepare two shipments and the drastic difference in the time and number of steps to get each package ready. For the “old fashioned” way of shipping, I had to track down a box and filler, wrap each piece to cushion and avoid excess movement, fight with the tape and seal the box. With the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, all I needed was the roll and a pair of scissors. It couldn’t be easier – just CUT, FOLD and PRESS. You can spend up to 50% less time and use up to 50% less supplies than shipping with boxes when using the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll.

How to Use The Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll

  1. CUT: the first step to use the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll is to cut a piece to size. The roll is so easy to work with – you can simply lay the item you are shipping, measure and cut to size.

  2. FOLD: once you have a piece cut to size, you simply fold the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll over the item you are shipping. When packing up your items you should fold it like a like a calzone, not a present – simply fold the roll over on itself (no tricky corner folding here).

  3. PRESS: finally you simply press down around the edges – gray to gray to seal around the item. It works best with at least a one-inch border and creates a snug fit around the item to reduce movement during shipping. The amazing science behind the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll allows it to stick to itself, not the item you are shipping. I have used it to ship everything from the notepads in our shop to a box of pens and it never stuck to the item even in the slightest.

Whenever I am shipping something from our shop, like our menu planning notepads, it is so important that I know the product will arrive safely to you on the other end. The Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll is made of three layers to protect the items – including a durable outer film that is water and tear resistant, a cushion layer and finally the proprietary adhesive technology that sticks to itself, not your item. I never worry about the item arriving wet or being tampered with when I ship with the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll (I can’t say the same for a soggy box or two I have received).

Finally, I love that the Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll can be recycled at retail stores and recyclers participating in the plastic bag recycling program once the paper label has been removed. My family and I love helping the environment whenever we can so having a solution that is recyclable is key to me. Although it is not curbside recyclable, it’s easier to find a location than you think with over 18k locations nation-wide (there is one in just about every grocery store by my house). You can also visit www.plasticfilmrecycling.org to find a spot near you!

Scotch™ has shared code 15FLEXSEAL for 15% off your Amazon purchase of any size Scotch™ Flex & Seal Shipping Roll. I can’t wait for you to try out this product, hear what you think and see each of you streamline your shipping process.




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