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June 11, 2020

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Image by @mattblease

Image by @mattblease

As with most of America the last few weeks since the death of George Floyd have been heartbreaking, eye opening, saddening, maddening, encouraging and now hopeful. I know that as a White American I will never truly understand what Black Americans have and continue to go through with the systemic racism in our country but I want to do everything I can to help support the #BlackLivesMatter movement and bring about real change in this country.

Over the last few weeks I have been putting a lot of thought in to what I can do both personally and as a business to support and encourage change. I have listed below what I am committing to doing on both the personal and professional fronts. I know that I want to be part of changing the racist culture and hope even these small efforts will have an impact. I know that I couldn’t just stay silent!

How I am Supporting #BlackLivesMatter Personally

  • Jon and I have been discussing how we are going to be continue to parent the girls to support a culture of acceptance. We are going to be watching movies with them (we have a running list going), having them read more books and looking at ways to get more involved in the community. We have also been talking a lot about what is going on now and having them watch the news with us.

  • My family and I have committed donations to the following charities. I truly value their missions and encourage those of you that are able to donate as well.

  • In addition to educating the girls, Jon and I continue to educate ourselves. I have turned to books and podcasts to help expand what I know and what I can do going forward.

  • I have made a commitment to support both local and national Black owned businesses. There is a great resource here to find Black owned restaurants in your state as well as lots of resources on Instagram. Eva Chen’s “Ways To Help” highlight has lots of amazing links and resources.

    How I am Supporting #BlackLivesMatter as a Business

On the business front, I am taking the steps below as I want to be a part of undoing systemic oppression by engaging in systemic strengthening. There needs to be equity in ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed and I want to be part of supporting that success and supporting other professional organizers. I want to do everything I can to actively encourage and support Black members of the professional organizing community.⠀⠀⠀

  • I will be offering free coaching calls to Black professional organizers for the next 6 months. I want to help lift up others in one of the only ways I know that I can by passing along what I have learned to other amazing talented professional organizers. Each month I will offer one one-hour coaching call to a Black professional organizer free of charge. I am there to assist with the bigger picture, bounce ideas off of, and support any business. When I started my business, one of the resources that I always wanted was someone who had been in my shoes and could to relate to what I was going through. I wanted to be able to trust someone to discuss my business, my goals, and get advice on how to work through any struggles that I faced. I’m excited to provide support (free of judgment!) for a growing business and help goals be achieved through a one-on-one phone session. Any interested organizer can email directly (hello@rachelrosnethal.co) to schedule a time.

  • In case you missed it, I have also been featuring Black professional organizers and their work on my Instagram. I encourage you to check out my story’ highlight and engage with these organizers, follow their pages, take them up on their services and more. I have included a few of the talented ladies I have featured below so you can learn more.

Finally, I encourage any Black professional organizer to check out our Facebook group: Organizing Business Insiders as an amazing community of support for you and your business.

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