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First Look: iDESIGN Signature Series x Sarah Tanno Collection

April 22, 2021

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I am a brand partner with iDesign and this blog was written in partnership with their team.


Any other makeup fans out there? I am a HUGE makeup lover, don’t even ask me how many tubes of lipstick I own, and I am always looking for products to help organize my makeup and makeup in my clients’ homes. Beauty can be a tricky category to organize as there are so many products and they are often split between everyday and those that you only use once in a while. I was thrilled to learn that iDesign partnered with makeup legend, Sarah Tanno, to create the iDESIGN Signature Series x Sarah Tanno Collection. So this month, I partnered with iDesign to get a sneak peek of the collection and needless to say I am obsessed!

If you haven’t heard of Sarah Tanno you most definitely have seen her work! Sarah has been Lady Gaga’s makeup artists for the last decade – talk about someone who knows a thing or two about good makeup! There are so many things I love about the collection but most importantly It is clear that the collection was designed by someone with a true understanding of a makeup lover’s needs.

The new collection, available exclusively at Amazon, features 28 pieces and comes in either clear or smoke. I chose the clear for my bathroom but the smoke is so unique and would be stunning in any space. I love that the pieces are elevated with a thin white line making them different from anything else available but they are still clear so you can see what is inside each piece. I also love that they plastic, my go to for bathrooms, so they are easy to wipe down. But all of the items in the collection are made from recycled plastic and I can assure you the quality was not at all sacrificed for sustainability.

What really makes this collection stand out is how easy it is to customize and adapt to any space. The pieces are designed to stack and click together so you can customize for your bathroom or vanity. The drawer organizers come in a variety of sizes so you can select which pieces work best for your makeup – do you have a lot of larger bronzer palettes or maybe need smaller sections for creams and serums? Additionally, a lot of us don’t have a ton a of drawer storage for our makeup but the collection includes great options for countertop organization. The pieces allow you to have your makeup organized and categorized all while storing it on the countertop – a tricky thing to do. Having your makeup organized, either in a drawer or on the countertop, will allow you to see what you have so you can use it more easily.






As you can tell I love this collection but there are still a few organizing basics you need to keep in mind when organizing your makeup (products can’t do everything for you):

  • Decluttering is always a must! If you are going to update your space with the new collection make sure you start out by decluttering your makeup.

  • Don’t forget that makeup expires. Check your product during your decluttering process and toss anything that is expired. This is my go to chart for makeup expiration dates.

  • Use the products to help you create categories within your makeup stash. Perhaps you have your day to day makeup on the counter and then more special occasions products in a drawer or you have foundations in one drawer and lip products in another. However you divide up the categories make sure you are giving everything a home within your space.

As we are all starting to head back out into the world it is time to give your makeup a little overhaul and this iDESIGN Signature Series x Sarah Tanno Collection is the perfect way.

iDESIGN Signature Series x Sarah Tanno Collection

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