Amazon Finds: My Favorites for Staying Home

March 25, 2020

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I had every intention of putting out another Amazon Finds blog post this week (see my cleaning favorites here which feels even more appropriate now) but so much has changed since I added this blog to my content calendar. Kids are out of school, we are all working from home and figuring out the new balance and flow of life. However, after some thought I decided that there have been so many Amazon finds that have been helping me get through this time that I wanted to share these resources with you all.

Times are crazy and now more than ever it is important that we maintain calm, organization, consistency and peace in our homes. The products below have been helping me as I have transitioned to a homeschool teacher, full time chef and just all around homebody. I want to hear from you! What products have you been relying on the past few weeks? Anything I need to check out?

Keep It Clean

  1. There are SO many dishes right now, we all need a good dish brush

  2. Aside from the crazy paper towel and toilet paper hoarding our family tries to avoid paper towels. I keep these cleaning clothes close at and for any spills or messes so I am not tempted to grab the paper towel. They are a great quality and price point

  3. Anyone else’s hands feel like sandpaper these days? This hand lotion is my go to, giving me some relief after all those times singing “happy birthday” over the sink

  4. These mason jars are a personal favorite for storing all of that food you have been cooking and avoiding plastic

  5. A humidifier is perfect for when you are stuck indoors and want to make sure the air isn’t too dry

Stay Cozy and Sane

  1. These cozy PJs are perfect for nighttime..or really anytime these days

  2. This is my favorite journal to use for thoughts, notes or as a gift to your kids to use (Ellie is journaling to show her children about the virus one day)

  3. Who doesn’t need comfy loungewear now. I have been wearing these leggings none stop

  4. This is the book on my nightstand right now and I highly recommend

  5. These blue light glasses have been life savers for my eyes

  6. Sleep has been elusive these days with worry and balancing work/homeschooling but with this silk pillow case at least when I do sleep, I am comfortable!

  7. These headbands are on repeat and don’t hurt my head at all

For the Kiddos

  1. My girls have been playing this game none stop

  2. These beads are perfect for all the crafting needing to happen now

  3. This is the book is a true FAVORITE of my girls

  4. We have been using this timer so much for the girls – from reading for 30 minutes to giving them breaks during the school day – having the accountability from the timer has helped us all as we figure this out homeschool life

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