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Before and After: Organizing Men’s Closets

April 1, 2020

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I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.


This month I partnered with The Container Store to organize this gentleman’s closet to create an organized space that feels like he is shopping in his own closet each morning. Now tell me, who doesn’t want to wake up to that? Even if the men don’t want to admit it, we all love a little shopping in our lives!

So many times when I am organizing, either in my own home or in clients’ homes, we are trying to squeeze out as much space as possible. Whether it be getting a few more items in a pantry or cleaning supplies under the sink; a lot of organization is about maximizing space. This closet, however, was a bit different. As you can see in the before pictures, there is plenty of space in the closet. There is a whole unused hanging rod, space to add more folded t-shirts and sweaters and shoes tucked under the hanging clothes. This organization project was more about creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. After reviewing his needs, taking an inventory of the items that needed to go back into the closet and selecting our products from The Container Store, we dove in.

First, we cleared out the stacks of shoes, and as more hanging space wasn’t needed, added mesh shoe shelves to create a home for each pair (that wasn’t stacked on top of one another). Moving all of those shoes off the floor and into one contained spot will allow him to easily select a pair each morning. We then moved on to the button-down shirts that we previously all over the closet. Moving all of them to one side and on uniform hangers created that boutique feel we were looking for in the space.

Finally, we tackled t-shirts and sweaters. This closet had nice cubbies for these folded items but the size of the cubbies simply lead to towers of shirts and sweaters that can topple at any moment. Using a variety of shirt and sweater boxes with drop-fronts allowed us to utilize that space but create functionality in accessing the different items. Last but not least, we moved out of season bulky items to a storage bag at the base of the closet to keep them contained and dust free.

I want to hear from you, which kind of closet organization project do you have on your plate? Do you need to maximize space or simply tidy up and streamline? The Container Store has hundreds of closet storage and organization products for any size and style of closet and any type of organization product. What better time than spring cleaning and social distancing to create a shoppable closet of your own?

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Products to Organize Men’s Closets

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