2020: The Year in Review

December 16, 2020

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At the end of each year I always take the time to pause, look back and reflect on the year that has passed. This year has felt (for obvious reasons) very different. And while I was hesitant to reflect back on a challenging and difficult year, I decided it was even more important to continue my annual tradition.

There is no sugarcoating this year. It was bad and terrifying in so many ways for so many people. And as anyone who reads my blog knows, I also went through having COVID myself and had some moments that were incredibly scary. I could go on about all that, and believe me I often do in my own head, but I am going to use this space now to pause and reflect on some of the things I am still very grateful for, perhaps even more so because of the uniqueness and difficulty of the last year.

In a nutshell, I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that 2020 has brought to me personally and to Rachel and Company as a business! Do I say it is a miracle that as a business we are still standing and actually having our best year by far to date? I don’t know if I would call it a miracle but I would truly call it a blessing. I am able to continue to do what I love and serve so many during such a worrisome and strange time in the world. Being able to continue to work hard and doing what I love has helped me navigate through this pandemic.

Rachel and Company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my amazing team of organizers, hardworking assistant, extraordinary handyman team, our donation/consignment partners, closet partners and other colleagues like interior designers and architects. We also truly have the best clients in the world and when I reflect on all the people we have worked with in 2020, I can’t help but notice just how fortunate we are to have so many people and families invite us into their lives. 

To all our clients, whom we have helped with organizing your home, orchestrating your moves or designing your closets, I just wanted to again say thank you. You have trusted us with your spaces and so much more in 2020 and I am forever thankful. 

For those of you that we haven’t worked with in 2020 but are avid readers of the blog, engage with me on Instagram or just write me emails, I also wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you. 2020 more than any year before it has shown me the power of connection through the Internet.

So, before I get carried away and begin to cry, I wanted to thank you all for a defining 2020. There was much that was painful but it has been a wonderful year for so many reasons and I have recapped a few of them below. 

Here’s to putting 2020 in the books!


2020 Highlights

  • Rachel and Company started its 12th year in business and worked with more clients this year than ever before.

  • I was chosen as a Brand Ambassador for The Container Store for the second year in a row and there are only 20 of us in the country!

  • The Home Edit, The Container Store and iDesign all shared an Instagram post that I posted about organizing my bathroom. This project went out to millions of viewers (here, here and here

  • I had the honor of speaking for several groups both in person (before COVID) and virtually including Verse Media, George Washington Law and the Army Corps of Engineers. 

  • I spoke at three virtual summits including The How To Summit, The Moving Summit and Organizers Rise.

  • My organizing advice and tips were featured in several publications, including Real Simple,, Domino, + many more.

  • I worked on exciting partnerships and collaborations with brands like Scotch, The Container Store, Boll and Branch, Caraway, Puracy, iDesign, Cuyoci, Your Poppy Flowers, Cozy Early + many more.

  • I was chosen to be an iDesign Ambassador for the second year in a row.

  • The team and I worked with some amazing clients on spaces that weren’t the most organized…until we got our hands on them. We helped clients organize everything from pantries to master closets. We assisted clients with their moves into larger homes, back into homes after renovations, and downsized many clients. We helped embassy clients with several projects.

  • Our Instagram (@rachelorgnizes) grew even more and we got to work with a ton of clients that found us on Instagram as well as meet brand new people that started off as strangers and are now friends! I even became a “bit” more comfortable with talking on Instagram.

  • I got to teach tons of clients about greening their homes and lives and how organization as well as certain products play a part in things.

  • Our product line, LIFE DESIGNED, continues to sell like crazy! We offer meal planning pads, to do pads and weekly to do pads.

  • My Organizing Business Insiders Facebook group for fellow organizers (or soon-to-be organizers!) which has expanded to a community of 1000+ members.

  • I coached several professional organizers on growing their own businesses.

  • We designed and organized some pretty amazing closets, garages, pantries and more in conjunction with The Container Store, California Closets and Econize.

  • I started Rachel’s Resources on Instagram and got to interview many small business owners and create a wealth of knowledge for our audience on different topics including interior design, dressing for Zoom meetings, parenting during a pandemic and so much more.

  • I was interviewed on several podcasts and radio shows where I got to speak on things like being organized while working from home, how to organize your kitchen, how I started my business + more.

  • I spoke on many Facebook Lives and Instagram Lives with companies discussed things like how to organize for smaller spaces, how to keep your kids organized during virtual school + more.

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