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Streamline Your Holidays with a Gift Wrap Station

November 12, 2019

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I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.

Let’s be honest we have all been there – running around 10 minutes before you leave for a holiday party frantically looking for a bow to tie on that bottle of wine (that’s already, ahem, regifted). A hot pink cheetah ribbon counts as holiday, right?

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - the Container Store.JPG

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Elfa Gift Wrap Cart - the Container Store.JPG

As a professional organizer, you would think that I would have a Candy Spelling-worthy wrapping room but this has always been an area of my life and home that has struggled. However, as we are heading into the holiday season I am changing that-I took a trip to The Container Store and am setting myself up for success this year. Because hey, I have decided that this year, I deserve it!

First things first, as with all organizing, I rounded up all of the gift wrap supplies from around my home to inventory, purge and categorize – bows with bows, ribbon with ribbon, etc. This process also allowed me to see what I need to replenish for this year. The Container Store has so many gift wrap options and accessories for every style so I picked up a few new items for this year while I was snagging my products for the organization.


Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Organizing Gift Wrap Paper - the Container Store.JPG

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Organize Wrapping Paper - the Container Store.JPG

Now for the fun part, the foundation to my new gift wrap station is the ELFA Gift Wrap cart. The cart is compact enough to fit in a closet (or in my case the corner of my girls playroom) and has a spot for all your gift wrap items. I took the categories I had created earlier and got everything organized in its new home. There is a spot for wrapping paper rolls on the side (check out this new paper I got!), a ribbon dispenser (this is my favorite ribbon for the season) and drawers for the tissue and bags (alright, isn’t this bag is CUTE!). The top serves as a great work station to wrap, tie and tag.

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Wrapping Paper - Storage - the Container Store.JPG

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - ELFA Gift Wrap - the Container Store.JPG

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Ribbon - Storage - the Container Store.JPG

Rachel Rosenthal - Gift Wrap Station - Tissue Paper - Storage - the Container Store.JPG

The whole process only took me a couple hours but I now feel confident as we head into the holiday chaos that I have streamlined one more process for a more enjoyable season.

Tell me: Do you have a gift wrap station at home? How many gifts do you usually wrap, on average, each season?

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