How Organization Can Help You Navigate Chronic Illness

November 20, 2019

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I’m a busy mom, entrepreneur, and an expert in organizing your home, office, and life. I believe in the profound impact of organizing on every aspect of life. 
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After spending the last 11+ years working with people facing all sorts of organizational challenges, I wanted to share a challenge that is extremely personal to me.

On the outside, I look like any other slightly tired, 40 (something) wife, mother and working woman. And that’s the thing with chronic illness: unless you tell people, they would probably never know. In October 2018, I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition, Hashimotos. For me, living with Hashimotos can be the exact opposite of organization. It’s unpredictable, disrupts plans, and often there is no logical reason behind the symptoms. Unlike my belongings, it can’t be controlled.

Having methods and systems in place, really made a difference in my business and household carrying on when I could not. I know for certain that being organized enriches my life and allows me to say yes to more. And this goes for not just people suffering with autoimmune diseases but all of those that have an illness in their lives whether physical or mental that makes them not feel their best all the time.

I was recently on a podcast discussing this subject in more depth and if you want to check it out, here is the link.

And here are some further tips (there are more in the podcast and show notes) for you when navigating a chronic illness:

  • Enlist help. This is especially useful for big projects that only need to be done once.

  • Develop consistent routines. Ease stress with habits.

  • Do one task at a time. Getting overwhelmed leads to inaction and no improvement at all.

  • Break up tasks into segments. Organizing in 15-minute blocks rather than long sessions, to accommodate limitations.

  • Pick the one thing that causes the most stress and focus on how it could be streamlined.

  • Consider organization as a lifelong factor of living well and a way of life versus a one time event.

As life, health and obligations change, so will your organization methods. Be kind to yourself. Don’t expect instant results. The efforts you put into organizing can ease your stress and allow you to focus on your health and recovery. It is truly about the small victories!

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