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July 25, 2018

Hello, I'm Rachel
I’m a busy mom, entrepreneur, and an expert in organizing your home, office, and life. I believe in the profound impact of organizing on every aspect of life. 
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I depend on lists to keep my personal life, family’s schedule, and work priorities in order. Truly, if it’s not written down in my planner there is a very high chance that I won’t remember it. Are you the same way?

I’m a list maker through and through, and that includes writing out my TO-DOs that can be crossed off throughout the day and writing out the appointments and commitments that I have coming up. As a way to manage and limit the amount of mental clutter going on in everyday life, I’m a huge proponent for getting all of that information—the chaotic schedules, deadlines, appointments, whatever you have on the running list of where you/your family needs to be—down in one place that you can reference throughout the day.

I’ve used so many planners in my decade of balancing my business + parenthood, and even more if you count my life before then. I’d like to say that at this point, I’m a pro when it comes to determining a perfect planner. Here’s what has to be included in order to be a “winner” in my book:

  • A sturdy cover that will last throughout the year

  • A size small enough to fit in my bag at all times, but big enough to write in with plenty of room for adding pages as needed (spiral bounds and coils come in handy here!)

  • A variety of layout options, including monthly options and a breakdown to write out my day/weekly TO-DOs

  • An 18-month spread so that I can start it around the same time as back-to-school season (when we all know life gets a little bit crazy!)

If you’re anything like me and you’re picky about what goes into your planner, I highly recommend checking out the Erin Condren LifePlanner.  Here’s what’s included in every planner:

  • 2018/2019 “mini month” spread

  • Goal setting spread

  • Weekly spreads for each week of the month

  • Notes section (lines, dots, coloring book pages)

  • Contacts sheet

  • 2020 “mini month” spread overview

  • 4 sheets of coiled-in stickers with metallic accents

  • Two-Page 2019 mini month overview

  • “keep it together” folder

  • “plan for it” pouch with goodies

  • And more (somehow!)

As I start mapping out what’s on deck for this upcoming back-to-school season and close of summer (which is a really busy time for work!), I know that I’ll be relying more and more on my planner to keep me in check. I start my day by reviewing what’s on the schedule for the day, forecast what’s to come for the month out, and give it a once-over every night as I close up my work for the day.

What’s your secret for staying on top of your schedule and juggling your priorities? Whether you are a paper and pen person like me or only use digital calendars, I want to hear in the comments!

This post is in partnership with Erin Condren and includes affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Read my disclosure policy for more info.

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