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How to be an intentional shopper (and my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks)

July 20, 2018

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something solely because it’s on sale (don’t worry, my hand is raised, too). We’ve all likely been there, either throwing something in our cart while in the checkout line or being tempted by the 25% off sticker.

There is something about the sense of getting a “deal” that sparks additional interest in an item, even if it’s not one that we necessarily need or were looking for in the first place.

Years ago, retailers focused primarily on slashing prices during Black Friday, which was the one time per year that everyone stocked up on items at a discounted rate. Now, there are seasonal sales, half-yearly sales, and holiday sales, and it can be totally overwhelming.

I’m not a big proponent of “stocking up” on products just because something is on sale (especially when there is the potential to expire and it doesn’t really fit your needs), but when I come across a deal that coincides with my needs or daily essentials it makes perfect sense to me to make the purchase. I look forward to certain sales, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because I know that every year around this time I am able to replenish and replace my tried-and-true favorites that I use daily. The sale is officially open to non-card holders (like myself) today and I’m excited to cross off a few items from my wishlist.

So, how is it possible to avoid overspending and shop intentionally? Here’s my trick: have a plan! I know, it might sound a little silly to be strategic about shopping, but I truly believe that to avoid overspending you need to enter these types of sales with a plan. Whether your looking to replace your winter boots, stock up on kids’ clothing for the school year, or purchase a handbag you’ve had your eye on for a while, creating a list in advance of what you’re in the market for will help you keep on task and within your original budget. As your shopping, before adding an item to your cart ask yourself whether or not you would buy it if were not on sale. If the answer is “no”, take pause before adding that item to your cart and decide if you are buying it only for the price tag or because you actually want/will use the item. More often than not, those “just because it was on sale” items are the first ones to head to the donation bin since they weren’t purchased out of pure interest.

So, what are the categories I look for when shopping? Check out my list below, and be sure to leave any of your favorite products in the comments section below.

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