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April 12, 2018

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I have had so many different configurations when it comes to the bathrooms I have had in my homes over the years. Bathrooms are notorious for having less than ideal storage space, especially if you’re sharing the space or are lacking in square footage. The inside of the shower is a spot that we rarely discuss, but I know that we all can relate to how tricky storage can be in this area of your home. So let’s get talking about it because it truly is a hot topic! Whether you live with a product junkie whose shampoo bottles take a tumble off of the ledge on a regular basis, or you’re stumped as to how to get your necessities to fit in your shower stall that lacks ledges at all, organization can help.

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Who has issues in the morning and would to shave off a few minutes from their morning routine? There are so many ways to make the most out of your confined space in a shower so that you are not only more organized, but you are able to speed up your daily routine (win-win!). Similar to every area of your home, organization can streamline your daily routine and help you save time, money, and frustration in the long run. And all this while in the shower!? Yes. It’s possible.


Let it go. Before you begin getting organized, consider the lifespan of your products. Ditch any products that you no longer use and are are old (yes, non-edible products do expire too!) so that you are just left with the essentials. Then, categorize your products and group on shelving, inside of hanging caddies, or on your shower ledge accordingly.

Categorize by person. When storing products for multiple people it’s important to group all items for each person together so that it is always easy for the right person to find the right products right when they need it. If there is a shower ledge, consider dedicating the left side to one person and the right to another, or use corner shelving or over-the-shower caddies to give each person a dedicated spot.

Go vertical. When quarters are even tighter than normal (and you aren’t able to take away from any floor space) it’s important to look up! The walls and ceiling are the perfect places to create added storage. Adding a tension or shower rod across the top of the shower stall will add opportunity to hang caddies to store products, and suction hooks are great to hang up loofahs and razors. Need even more space or have an awkwardly-shaped shower stall? Hang tiered baskets (like fruit and vegetable baskets) from the ceiling to create an added storage space at eye level).

Ready for more tips? I shared these and more with Wayfair, so click here to check out the full article.

I’d love to know: what other areas are your have you found tricky to organize? Let me know in the comments section below so that I can be sure to address it in a future post!


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