Getting Tweens Organized and Erin Condren Event Recap

Getting organized with tweens really starts with a great calendar system and it is what we practice in our home. Truly developing good organizational skills is a key ingredient for success at home, at school and really in life. Having a system that is visual for keeping appointments, activities, reminders, schedules and more has really proved to be beneficial in several areas than just home. Creating and maintaining a calendar also creates more organization around morning and night routines, study skills and at for at school.

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An Organized Lifestyle

4 Ways to Store Purses & Clutches

When it comes to closet organization, there are categories that easier to tackle than others. Regardless of what your storing, the first step to the closet organization process is to categorize all of your options and store them in a way that is the most function for how you live. That means keeping categories, like work blouses, towards the front of your closet, and giving priority placement to the shoes that are in your weekday rotation. While a lot of closet storage and organization is simple (i.e. requiring just a hanger or some shelving), there is a category that tends to trip people up: purses and clutches.

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