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Spring Cleaning Favorites

March 17, 2022

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The official start of spring is just days away and I can’t be the only one counting down the minutes! I am more than ready for the warmer temperatures, the blossoms to bloom, the birds to sing and to throw open my windows to let that fresh air fill our house. This month we have been talking all about spring cleaning and organizing from the emotional impact of organizing to how I always use spring as a time to get my girls to organize their rooms to tackling small organizing projects in spring like organizing your snacks. And today I want to talk about my favorite spring cleaning and organizing products.

You know that we have talked a lot lately about how organizing is about so much more than buying the right products or hiring the right person to help you – organizing is just as much about your mindset. That said, spring cleaning and organizing can be aided by organizational tools and let’s be honest spring cleaning needs more support than just elbow grease. I have collected my favorite products for spring cleaning that we either use personally in my own home or that our team uses on a regular basis in our clients’ homes to set them up for a cleaning triumph.

Cleaning Solution (1 and 2) You can’t talk about spring cleaning without talking about a good cleaning solution. My family and I try to live as green as possible but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a strong cleaning solution in our home (have you seen Poppy?). I truly love both Branch Basics and Blueland products and use both of them in my home on a regular basis. Both product lines help cut down on packaging by coming either as a concentrate (Branch Basics) or in tablets (Blueland). This is not only amazing for the environment but makes them a great solution to help keep you organized as they take up less space. And last but not least, I truly love the clean non-toxic ingredients.

Valiant Vacuums (3 and 4) While we are on the topic of Poppy, you better believe we need a strong, powerful vacuum in our home. I truly love my Dyson and have used it for years to clean up after my girls and for the last couple of years Poppy. I love the compact design and that I could organize a spot for it to hang right in our laundry room. But we also can’t forget about our Instagram famous handheld vacuum. Anytime we post this bad boy on Instagram you guys go crazy asking for the link. Our team loves using this mini vacuum for things like cleaning out drawers or vacuuming up little spills. It is compact and easily organized into a drawer in your kitchen or laundry room or in our case our organizing tool kit that we bring to clients’ homes.

Contain Your Cleaning (5) I love creating a cleaning caddy for my clients to keep all of their cleaning supplies in one spot so they are not only easily accessible but easy to bring throughout the house whenever a spring cleaning task pops up.

Don’t Forget About Your Laundry (6) Decanting your laundry supplies into pretty glass jars will help you feel motivated to tackled all of the extra laundry that comes along with spring cleaning…or even all the summer laundry headed your way (anyone else’s kids head to camp and come home with more laundry than you could ever imagine?).

Keep Cleaning Cute (7, 8 and 9) I love having a couple of super cute cleaning supplies worked into my cleaning caddy to motivate me to clean. I love this adorable duster, these microfiber cloths are a go-to in our household to help avoid paper towels and the colors are perfect for spring and this dish brush is cute as could be.

Wash Up (10) Finally, after all of your days of spring cleaning it is important to take care of your hands. I love the Puracy hand soap (along with so many of their other products) and a bottle is currently sitting next to my kitchen sink. Now I just have to get motivated to spring clean so I need a good hand wash or two.

TELL ME: Do you think you will feel more motivated to clean with a restock of your cleaning supplies. What is one cleaning product you can’t live without?


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