5 Pantry Organization Trends That Are Here To Stay

March 9, 2021

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Whether thanks to all of the new Netflix organizing shows or to the boredom from the months we have all spent at home, organization has been getting some major time in the spotlight the past year. And I am here for it! You all know that I am a huge believer in the positive change that organization can bring to lives and nothing makes me happier than seeing more and more people impacted by organization. I have truly loved seeing Instagram post after Instagram post of newly organized spaces – a welcome change from sourdough pics and dancing videos about Carole Baskin. But with any spotlight comes trends – the good and the bad! Yes, we have all seen some bad trends in our days but there are some trends that we hope never die!

The kitchen and pantry are the heart of any home and we have learned that even more over these past 12 months. Spending some time organizing your pantry will impact your family’s daily life more than just about any space in your house. That said, because your pantry plays such a big role in your daily life you want to make sure you are being mindful of hopping on any trends that might just be that, a trend, and not something that will increase the functionally of the space. Today I am sharing 5 pantry organization trends that I hope are here to stay and fully support and endorse to create functionality in your kitchen.

5 Ways To Organize Your Pantry

  1. Using organization products to create a consistent color scheme in your pantry. I am all about making sure that organization is about functionality first and foremost and not organizing just for the look of it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep aesthetics in mind! I love the trend of creating a beautiful pantry with the help of your organizational products. In the pantry below we stuck with a mainly black and white look with the help of White Nordic Storage Baskets and Yamazaki Tosca Baskets with Wooden Handles in black and white. The result is a clean look that isn’t visually cluttered.

  2. Decanting products out of their original packaging. Just like my side part this is a trend I am never letting go of! Decanting can make a huge difference in your kitchen and pantry! From taking things like granola bars or oatmeal packets out of their boxes and putting them in a bin or or basket to decanting your banking supplies, getting rid of that excess packaging will help you stay more organized in your kitchen. In this pantry we use the brand new ProKeeper Baker’s Storage Set to decant the flour and sugar. The ProKeepers are air-tight containers designed to seal in freshness so not only do they help us toss the ugly flour bags they also keep the flour fresher longer.

  3. Utilize the height of your pantry shelves to maximize storage. Not all pantry shelves are adjustable or may not have been designed with organization in mind but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of that space. In this pantry we stacked the White Nordic Storage Baskets to allow us to take full advantage of the taller shelves but still allow easy access to everything in the pantry. You can easily pop off the top bin to access the items stored in the lower bin. Another great way to utilize height are these Vertica Wire Stacking Bins that fit perfectly on top of each other but allow you to reach in and grab items from either bin. Or we are huge fans of tiered shelves like this here for cans or spices.

  4. Use bins and baskets to give everything a home. Gone are the days of pantries overflowing with products sitting on a shelf with no access to anything in the back or way to see what you have one hand. Using bins and baskets to create categories and a spot for everything is a trend that is here to stay! We love using products like these White Nordic Storage Baskets and Yamazaki Tosca Baskets with Wooden Handles as it not only makes upkeep easier as you know where to put everything away but you can also easily pull out the bin or basket to see everything inside (even those items in the very back). Creating storage with this easy access helps you not forget what is stored in the back and make better use of what you have on hand. For an added bonus use bin clips like these here to label what is stored in each section.

  5. Using not-so-Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans or turntables are the exact opposite of what they name implies and are truly a workhorse of organization. A turntable allows you to make any space fully useable and easily access all of the items. Turntables are great in a corner or even on a higher shelf that you usually would not be able to reach the back of the shelf without a step-stool. This Bamboo Lazy Susan is great for tight spot or small categories and we also love the larger acrylic turntable to hold more items.

What pantry organization trend are you jumping on? And who’s with me to change these from fads to forever? Make sure you take advantage of The Container’ Store’s Kitchen and Pantry Sale that is running now, March 8th, through April 18th! The Container Store has all the kitchen essentials you need to implement these strategies in your pantry and to help you maximize space in your pantry, fridge, kitchen drawers and even under your sink.

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Pantry Organization - Rachel Rosenthal

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