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Why Organization is Important for Your Mental Health

May 5, 2022

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As you may have seen on Instagram, our theme this month is Mental Health. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and, for far too long, stigma and discrimination has been placed on those livingwith mental health conditions. It is not something that is often talked about, however, 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience a mental health condition each year. Mental health conditions impact so many and deserve just as much attention as other physical health. I am not going to pretend to be an expert on mental health, I will leave that to the professionals, but I do want to focus on my small part of the world (or internet) and talk about how organization can benefit your mental health.

As you know, I have been a big proponent of just how important organization is and how it can impact your mental wellbeing for years. Organizing is an emotional process and, while it can be challenging to work through, the benefits and relief are more than worth it. I have shared a bit about my HEART process on the blog in the past and will be sharing more in the coming months. If you are starting an organization journey I encourage you to read this blog post here all about the emotional impact of organizing.

But you might be asking, beyond the emotions, what about organization and mental health. How do they go hand in hand? Let’s be honest, life is crazy right now and just about everyone is feeling overwhelmed. We have all been through more than we can imagine over the last 2 years but organization gives you something you can control. So often when we feel overwhelmed, stressed or discouraged it is because we are feeling out of control but getting and staying organized allows you to take some of that control back.

Are you feeling stressed getting out the door in the morning? Take some time to set up a breakfast station in your kitchen or a system to pick out your kids’ clothes the night before. Are you feeling overwhelmed at work? Implement an organizational system in your inbox or invest in a new planner to overhaul your calendar. Are you feeling discouraged every time you grocery shop that you don’t know what you need? Organize your pantry so you can easily see what you have on hand so you are not over shopping.

I am a true believer that physical clutter leads to mental clutter. When you give yourself a clear space physically it will clear up that space mentally which will allow you to do your best work (both at home and at work), be productive when you want to be and spend time doing what you love. Organization isn’t a one time event but a true way of life. When you implement organization into your daily life it helps your overall mental wellbeing. Self-care is so important and vital to mental wellbeing and I truly believe that organization is one of the ultimate forms of self-care.

I will continue to post more about organization and mental health throughout the month over on Instagram and will, of course, always share my organization tips to help you stay on this organization journey but I want to hear from you. TELL ME: have you ever made the connection between organization and better mental health?

Finally, I never want to make light of just how important mental health is and I know that so many people are struggling day in and day out. If you need help or just someone to talk to I encourage you to reach out to those you love or professionals that are there to help you! I have linked a few resources here: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, NAMI HelpLine and

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