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June 9, 2016

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Professionals are the least likely to judge us when we need help, and yet, often, they are the ones we fear the most.

We prepare for their visits. We research every possible illness on WebMD before making a doctor’s appointment. We shampoo and condition our hair prior to seeing a new hairstylist. We clean our homes before the cleaning company comes.

But why? What are we afraid of? Their reactions? Their judgments? Do we simply want to make a good impression, or not want to be the “worst of the worst”? Sometimes, the difference between a professional and someone you know is judgment, and how you react to it.

Believe me, I have my moments. When someone reacts strangely to something I’m not proud of, I might take it personally. For instance, when my purse gets out of control. Recently, a friend saw me rummaging through it to find my wallet, and joked, “So, this is what a professional organizer’s purse looks like!” It caught me off guard. I felt ashamed at first, then I realized, it was a bonding moment. She meant it more like, you are just like everyone else. You have to take time to get organized as well. It also made me feel so intensely what clients fear before hiring a professional organizer.

They fear reactions or judgments. They have flashbacks to remarks from friends and family members — people they value — that made them feel poorly about themselves. Of course, family members reacted. They do not work with clutter on a daily basis. They experience it themselves, yes, but sometimes it’s unexpected. Also, yes, we take it personally, because these are people we are so invested in. “I am not a hoarder,” clients tell me, often, before I meet with them. They want their spaces to be perfect before an appointment, and they fear their clutter is more their personality than their circumstance.

Life happens, and we provide a nonjudgmental approach. We are professionals. We see clutter and disorganization on a daily basis. We also experience it ourselves. Believe me, we’ve seen it all. You are not the worst, and even if you were, we do not judge. We’re not shocked. We understand, and we want to hear from you.

We are doing something that we’ve never done before! On June 28th and 29th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm EST, we are setting aside time specifically for you to call us and discuss any concerns you might have. We are offering one free phone consultation, for up to 30 minutes, to discuss your hesitations. We want to help you. Sometimes it feels better just to talk about it! Then, you feel motivated to get organized. We want to empower you. Schedule your appointment today! Please email us at rachel@rachel-company.com. Also, share this post with friends who might be interested.


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