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Why You Should Create a Kids Craft Station at Home with Ball® Jars for Back to School Season and Beyond

October 7, 2021

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This post is brought to you by the makers of Ball® home canning products.*

How many of you had grand plans for your back to school organization but then life got in the way? I’m not going to lie, my girls and I are raising our hands over here! However, even though we are a month (or two depending on your kids’ schedules) into school, now is still the perfect time to get organized and get systems in place to help support your family’s organization. It is never too late to get organized! Today I want to talk about about setting up a craft station and why you need to organize your kids’ crafting supplies.

If you have been following the blog for any amount of time you know that I am a big fan of Ball® jars and I love showing all of the different uses for the jars. See all of my posts on using Ball® jars here. This month I partnered with the makers of Ball® home canning products to create a craft station.

Why a craft station you ask? For those of us with crafters at home or even just kiddos, you know that with crafting comes a lot of materials and organization is key if you are actually going to use the supplies. For many of us a crafting station can also double as a homework station depending on the age of your kids and what supplies they need for homework. Setting up a craft station now will not only help re-energize your family and bring back some of that back to school glow but will also set you up for all of the fall and winter festivities heading our way and the crafting that follows. But if that isn’t enough to get you inspired these are my top 5 reasons to create a craft station at home using Ball® jars.

5 Reasons to Create an At Home Craft Station

Make Clean Up Easy – First and foremost, when you have an organized craft station clean up is a breeze! No more “mom, where does this go” or confusion when it is time to pick up the crafting space. Kids are used to clean up time and stations from school so mirroring these set ups at home with a craft station will reinforce what they are already in the habit of doing at school.

Everything Has a Home and A Place – An organized craft station allows you to give everything a home and a place. This means everyone knows right where the markers go or the jar that should be to store the crayons. Having a home for everything is one of the foundational elements of organization and setting up a craft station with Ball® jars reinforces this idea. Creating categories and giving those categories homes in Ball® jars is crucial to staying organized.

Ball® Jars Make Organization Easy – Ball® Storage Latch Jars are the perfect option for setting up a craft station. I love that the jars have lids but are also see through so you can see exactly what you need and have on hand. And because the jars are clear you don’t even have to make labels so you can set up your craft station in a flash.

Kids (and Adults) Know Where to Go When they Want to Craft – There are no more dreaded words to a mom or dad than “I’m board” but if you have a craft station setup at home it allows your kids to know exactly where to go to find what they need when they want to craft. Eliminating the confusion and cluttered stacks of art supplies allows kids and adults alike to find exactly what they need and get engaged in crafting. No more boredom here!

Encourage Creativity – We all want our kids to be creative but the enemy of creativity is clutter! Having an organized craft station gives your kids the encouragement they need to express their creativity through arts and crafts.

Now, who’s with me? Setting up a craft station at home is quick and easy but your family will truly enjoy the setup for back to school and beyond.




*Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Fresh Preserving Division of Newell Brands. They have provided jars, equipment and monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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