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Gift Wrap Organization with Ball® Jars

May 27, 2021

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I am a brand ambassador of Ball® home canning products.


Spring or summer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about gift wrap organization (I’m looking at you holiday season) but who says gift giving is just reserved for winter months? If you have ever had a child on the birthday party circuit you know that the wrapping never stops, especially in the warmer months. And even if your gift giving is focused on the holidays, your December self will thank you later.

This month, I partnered with the makers of Ball® home canning products to create an organized gift wrapping station using Ball® home canning products. Gift wrapping can be a problematic organizing category for many as there can be so much more than just wrapping paper to organize. Ball® jars are the perfect solution to organize all of the bits and bobs that come along with gift wrap.

How To Create an Organized Gift Wrapping Station

  1. As with all organizing projects, the first step to creating an organized gift wrap station is taking ALL of your wrapping supplies out. This means gathering gift bags from every section of your home, pulling holiday wrapping paper out alongside the birthday gift wrap and collecting any stray spools of ribbon that have made their way into a rouge drawer.

  2. Once you have collected all of the wrapping supplies it is time to create categories within your gift wrap – put like things together. You are going to need to decide based on your space and wrapping habits what works best for you in this step. Does it make more sense to have all holiday together or to have all wrapping paper together, all ribbon together, etc.? Whenever possible I would suggest the latter but either will work as long as you know the categories and can keep them up going forward.

  3. Next, when you have all of the categories laid out you need to declutter and purge. Do you have tissue paper that is just too wrinkled to use? Is there a roll of gift wrap with so little left you will never find a gift that tiny? Toss anything that is damaged or that you know you won’t use going forward.

  4. Now that you have your newly defined gift wrap categories it is time to find a new home for all of the different elements and this is where the Ball® jars come into play. The first step was selecting a style of jar to use in the space and where each of those jars will live. When organizing an area it is best to select a single style of jar for a consistent look throughout that space. I love the Ball® Storage Latch jars for a gift wrap station.

  5. Once you select a style of jar, it is time to actually put everything away. I used the larger Ball® Storage Latch jar to store scissors and several of the smaller size to store gift tags, string and bows. The jars perfectly contain the different elements. The latch lids are easy to pop open to grab what you need but you will never be searching for a lid.

  6. The final step in organizing any space is often labeling however I chose to skip this step for this gift wrap station. Because I used the Ball® Storage Latch jars you can easily see what is being stored inside so you can quickly access without a label.

  7. Get to wrapping! Once you have your gift wrap station set and organized there will be no more stressful gifting moments or thoughts that you just might have to wrap something in newspaper.

TELL ME: how do you organize your wrapping supplies? Do you have a gift wrap station in need of an organizational overhaul?


Ball® Jars for Gift Wrap Organization

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post that is part of an ongoing partnership with the Fresh Preserving Division of Newell Brands. They have provided jars, equipment and monetary compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed remain my own.

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  1. belanie says:

    Thank you for this great organization tip! I love the Ball latch jars. They are just perfect for the job. This is definitely a job I need to take and will follow your steps to getting my gift center organized.

  2. Dominique says:

    I love using Bell Jars! We don’t gift wrap much — gift bags have become our friend. But I love the way this looks!

    I love the concept of organizing — unfortunately, my family doesn’t like my organizing because they ignore it. LOL. Everything goes back to the way it was. I will have to check your site out!

  3. Martha says:

    What a great organized wrapping station! I don’t have extra space like that but I do have a wrapping paper holder on wheels. It has 20 individual "cubbies" for the paper tubes and I store it in the closet. The flat paper, bows, ribbon, etc. are in cubbies on the shelf in the closet. So when I need something, I just pull it out. But I do love the Ball Jars!

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