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Tips and Tricks for Getting Organized For a New Dog

July 22, 2020

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Over the past few months, it seems like there has been an explosion of new dog owners! Whether it be a new puppy or an older dog that was rescued, I have talked to so many people are bringing dogs into their homes. And look, I get it! Poppy, our sheepadoodle, has been such a light in our lives!

To be honest, I was against getting Poppy initially because I thought it would be so much work, that she would come with so much stuff and more but getting a dog has been one of the best decisions our family has ever made.

And as any dog owner knows, getting a dog means bringing not just the dog home but all of the items they need! So, what is one to do about getting dog items and keeping them organized! I wrote a blog post about getting organized for a new pet about a year ago. Now that we have had our dog for over a year and a half and I have worked with so many more dog owners, I have updated my initial tips with even more dog organization strategies.

So, for all you new dog owners or seasoned dog owners that are looking for a bit more organization when it comes to your four legged friend, below are some tips for getting organized for and with a dog. Trust me, having things organized really makes taking care of your new furry friend that much easier!

5 Tips for New Pet Organization

  1. Choose a few designated spaces for supplies. When you get a new pet they don’t tell you about all the extra ‘stuff’ that you have to get too. Treats, brushes, food, leashes, doggy bags, the list goes on and on. I knew I needed one inside space and one outside to store everything that was also easily accessible for my girls as walking and feeding Poppy would be one of their chores. For the indoor space, I chose a pull out drawer in my kitchen that was large enough for all her supplies. I also choose a bin in our garage that holds things like doggy bags, leashes and more.

  2. Store toys in a decorative bin or basket. We keep a bin near Poppy’s bed and that’s where we store all her stuffed animals and toys. It helps to cut down on the number of toys we have for her (I can’t over buy!) and keeps all of her toys in one place for easy retrieval (for Poppy and my girls!). And like I do with humans, I make sure to set aside time to declutter the toys that have accumulated over time every so often. I think a lot of us would be shocked to find the condition that some of our dog’s toys are in and that they need to be either trashed or donated after a certain amount of time. Be sure to check out some of my favorite options listed below!

  3. Decant food and treats. I chose food storage containers, like these to store Poppy’s treats. Not only do these keep treats fresher longer but also reduces the amount of space a bulky pet food bag takes up. As a bonus, these adorable chalk labels make it easy to identify exactly what is in each container. We also decant her food and keep it in this. Even though it’s made to be a trash can, it locks and keeps her food fresh inside. We love that we can use it inside our house and it looks nice while not having any odor from the food inside.

  4. Create a dog walking station. For us, that station is in my mudroom right by the door. I have Poppy’s leash, doggy bags, towels (for that rainy weather!), our shoes and even jackets (during the winter months!) all in one place. By creating this station it allows me, my husband or the girls to quickly and easily take her out without having to run around to try to find our shoes or her leash.

  5. Create a packing list and backpack for car travel. Whether you are taking your dog to the vet or driving a longer distance, make sure you put together a travel backpack or bag. For us, we have included items like a travel water container, doggy bags, extra food and a ball.

I hope these tips can help you get organized for your newest (and fluffiest!) addition. How did you and your family get organized when you got a pet? Comment below!

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  1. DenisseSM says:

    We also have their vet papers all together, like recipes, vaccines organized by dates. This makes us not to forget important dates for vet visits. And all their medicines in a container so we can find them easily and not mixed with human ones.

    • Rachel Rosenthal says:

      Thank you so much. That is such a great idea and one that I do but forgot to add! I appreciate you bringing this up!

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