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Back to School: Organized Rolling Cart Three Ways

August 4, 2022

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Back to school is here! I know I know this summer has flown by and there is still summer fun left to be had but the moment the calendar switches over to August my brain starts thinking back to school. You might be surprised how much a little early[ish] preparation can help create a seamless and organized back to school season for you and your kiddos. Let’s face it, back to school can be stressful – so many routines and systems tend to fall by the wayside in the summer and it can take work to get things whipped back into shape.

Earlier this year we talked about using the end of the school year to prepare for back to school (see the blog post here). And in back to school seasons in the past I have talked about everything from creating a family command center to back to school routines. You will notice a trend in all of my back to school blog posts and tips – it is almost always about preparation. Getting and staying organized is about setting yourself up for success. Creating and crafting systems or spaces that allow you to stay organized without much thought. We all need a little help as we make the transition back to school, I know my girls are not going to love their new wake up call time as they head into high school this year so sign me up for anything we can do to make for more seamless mornings.

In the spirit of preparation and setting yourself up for success, today I want to talk about how to create three different organized rolling carts so you can pick and choose what works for your family where you are right now. I love using a rolling cart for organization as it can easily be swapped out and reorganized as your needs and life change. Snack cart today, homework cart next year and let’s be honest a bar cart is headed your way at some point down the line. Rolling carts are easy additions to a space that might not have much storage and, not to state the obvious, but they roll so they can be moved from space to space.

Let’s start with the cart! I used The Home Edit By IDesign Clear Rolling Cart. I love this piece as it is so sleek that it works in just about any space and as you can see can be used in many different ways. The two levels allow for ample storage and the size perfectly fits a number of my favorite bins. The cart is a bit of an investment but, as we have discussed, it is something you can use year after year.

Organized Homework Cart

Homework is such a stressor for back to school and while I wish organization could help you figure out the new way they teach math you are on your own for that but it can help streamline the homework process. Setting up a cart with all the homework essentials will take one challenge away from the homework process by keeping everything you need close at hand.

I used mason jars to organize pencils, a caddy (like this one here) to keep pens, rulers, protractors, etc. together (and the girls can take it over to their desk) and a couple magazine holders to hold loose paper and notebooks. The great thing about a homework cart is you can customize it to your kids’ age ranges – maybe your kids need more crayons, less calculators or they need a spot to pop their workbooks and homework sheets when they get home from school so you know to send them back in the morning.

Lunch Station

Another dreaded part of back to school is lunches from packing lunches to finding the lunchbox each morning and choosing items your kids will actually eat. I set up a lunch station on the rolling cart to keep the essentials in one spot. The cart is the perfect place to keep lunch boxes, water bottles, thermoses, reusable bags and odds and ends like forks and straws. I am a big believer in getting your kids involved in the back to school organization and new routines and this station will empower my girls to be able to make their own lunch each day. They have everything they need so there [should be] no excuses.

To keep the cart organized I used bins to organize the water bottles and a caddy to hold the smaller items that needed a home. I also linked up some of our favorite lunch packing items below (we can’t live without our Hydro Flask insulated food jars).

Organized Back to School Snack Cart

Finally, I love a good snack but also dread “mom, I’m hungry” more than just about any phrase. A well stocked snack cart can be just the answer. I stocked the cart with some healthy items like nuts but also a few treats (I want to be the cool mom after all). Add a couple of bowls and some napkins and the girls (and their friends) are ready to snack.

These back to school rolling carts are just a few ways you can set up a station or cart in your home to help keep your family organized but the possibilities are endless. TELL ME: what is your biggest stressor for back to school? Is it something that might be fixed with a little organization?

Back to School Rolling Cart Favorites

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