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Before and After: Walk In Pantry

February 17, 2021

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This client’s pantry has what so many of us long for in our kitchens: the luxury of space! However we often forget that a large space doesn’t immediately translate to an organized space. It is very easy, especially in a pantry with more storage, to push off organizing as you can technically fit everything inside. But, as you can see from the before picture, just because it all fit didn’t mean it functioned well or even that the family knew what was inside. This sweet growing family needed an overhaul of their kitchen pantry so that the space would work for them each day and that they could easily access all of their food.

We started this pantry organization project the same way we start almost every task: taking it all out! Our team then reviewed, sorted and categorized all of the items that were previously in the pantry. We pulled and discarded expired food before starting the process of preparing everything to be loaded back into the pantry. One of the biggest transformations we can make while organizing a pantry is decanting. In this kitchen pantry we decanted everything from pasta to cereal to s’mores fixings. Taking items out of their package not only saves space but also creates a visually cleaner look in the pantry. We used our favorite OXO containers (here and here) for these pantry items. As you can see we didn’t just decant bulk items but also packaged foods like granola bars and fruit snacks that come in larger boxes. This allows the family to grab a snack on the go and quickly see what they have on hand to know when it is time to restock.





After the decluttering, decanting and categorizing we made a plan to put everything back into the space. We used the top shelf for bulky appliances that the family doesn’t use very often and kept snacks and cereals closer to the ground and within reach of the family’s daughter. We used turntables to hold both the decanted snacks as well as oils and other cooking supplies that we stored in a corner. The turntable allows a corner to be utilized without any wasted space but keeping everything easily accessible. We used a tiered can shelf to display all of the family’s canned goods – no more toppling cans of beans on our watch. We then used a mix of white plastic and soft sided bins to store additional food like macaroni and cheese and chicken broth. We used the bins to create categories in the space so the family knows where to look for certain items as well as where to put things back after grocery shopping. Finally, we labeled EVERYTHING in the space to allow for easy up keep for this busy family.

After a bit of hard work, some well placed organizing products and a full recycling bin this pantry is ready for its close up and is functioning so much better for this adorable family. Whether you are blessed with a larger space, like this kitchen, or are working with something smaller you will never regret taking the time to get organized.

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