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How To Organize Your Linen Closet

January 27, 2021

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I love organizing a pantry (dare I say they are my favorite spot in the house to organize) but I am also a sucker for a good linen closet organization. While the pantry is the center of our home for our active spaces like the kitchen and living room, the linen closet is the hub of our home for our resting spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms). A well organized linen closet can help your family function just as smoothly as a well organized pantry.

I have listed my top tips for organizing your linen closet below but before you dive into the nitty gritty of organizing the space it is important to determine how you need your linen closet to function for your family. Do you need it to do just as the name implies – store linens? Do you need the space to also serve as a medicine cabinet? Or for back stock storage? Is your linen closet also a part of your laundry room? Once you determine how you need the space to function for your family you will be able to narrow in on the organizing techniques that work best for you and the space.




Tips for Organizing Your Linen Closet

  1. Finesse The Fold – Mastering how to fold linens and towels is the key to having a beautiful linen closet. I know, we all hate folding fitted sheets but a little practice will go a long way! Keep in mind that when folding items for your linen closet consistency is more important than perfection – it will make more of an impact to have everything folded the same way than have them folded exactly like that YouTube video. Speaking of videos here are a few favorites on folding sheets and towels.

  2. Label Everything – You have heard me say it a million times but labeling is key to any organizational system. Whether you choose clear bins so you can see what you have on hand or solid or canvas baskets a label is crucial so you (and your family!) know where everything goes in the space. My bonus tip: put a label right on the shelf (either the top or the front) for sheets and towels to note which size goes in which spot. I love these bins clips for larger baskets and this is my go to label maker for all spaces.

  3. Use Shelf Dividers – We have all been there, the great collapse of sheets and towels! No matter how well you masted folding a stack of linens is always a little unstable. Using shelf dividers (like these here and here) are a great way to keep your linen stacks neat and tidy.

  4. Keep it Consistent – Choosing one color or one color family for your linens, towels and bins/baskets in your space will help keep the space visually clutter free. If your sheets and towels are not all one color consider storing them in some larger bins (like these here) to avoid the appearance of a messy space.

  5. Contain the Extras – If you determine that your linen closet needs to function for something other than storing linens it is important to contain those items. Use clear bins like these here or these white baskets here (a linen closet favorite) to create categories and give everything a spot. If you are using your linen closet to store things like cleaning supplies pop, them in an easy to grab caddy like this here so you can quickly bring everything you need to your cleaning location.

    Favorites for Linen Closet Organization

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