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Not All Hangers Are Created Equal

January 14, 2021

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Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t put too much thought into hangers over the years, am I right? Well in my line of work I see a LOT of hangers and if I have learned anything it is that not all hangers are created equal. Wire, tube, velvet, wood, suit, padded, skirt, oh my!

When we start organizing a client’s closet one of the first things we discuss is swapping out all the hangers to match. There are so many benefits to having matching hangers in your closet: a more streamlined look, better support for your clothes and even added space with some hanger options. That said, hangers are not one size fits all – there are certain hangers that are better for certain jobs and spaces.

I have outlined below my favorite hangers and the different scenarios that each one works best. Each closet and hanging space is different but with a little guidance and evaluation of your clothes and space you too can get a magazine worthy closet.





Favorite Hanger Type for an Organized Closet

Non-Slip Velvet Hangers: These non-slip velvet hangers are the workhorse of closet organization. We use the slim velvet hangers more than any other hanger for a few reasons. First, the velvet hangers prevent clothing to slip off so everything stays in the correct spot – is there anything worse than looking for a blouse only to find it is in a ball on the floor? Secondly, the hangers are very slim and allow you to fit more clothes in a smaller space. Finally, the velvet hangers come in a variety of colors so you can match any aesthetic.

Wooden Hangers: Wooden hangers are a wonderful option if you have a bit more space in your closet. Wooden hangers can give clothes more structure and support which is great for something like a dress shirt or coat. The downside to wooden hangers is they do take up a bit more space and are more expensive than the velvet hanger options. We often reserve wooden hangers for larger walk-in and coat closets. Wooden hangers come in a variety of styles and colors which do make them easy to mix and match with other hangers like velvet and suit but still maintain a consistent look.

Suit Hangers: Suit hangers are a must for suits – men’s and powerhouse lady’s pant suits alike. Suit hangers are sturdy and have a curve to help preserve the natural shape of the suit jacket. Many suit hangers also have a bar so you can keep the pants and jacket hung together.

Specialty Hangers: Thanks to the power of invention there are many specialty hangers available for all of your closet needs. I suggest staying away from anything bulky but a simply and sleek tie hanger or scarf hanger can be very useful in keeping your closet organized. A padded hanger also can be useful for super delicate clothing items.

Tips for Selecting Hangers for Your Closet

  • In general, try to stay away from plastic hangers and, of course, those cheap wire hangers from the dry cleaners. Plastic hangers are prone to breaking and the shape of tube hangers can leave those unsightly bubbles in the shoulders of your shirts.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match. I know, I know, I just said that we like to switch out hangers to all match but there are exceptions to this rule. If space isn’t an issue and you have a variety of clothing types to hang a mix of suit hangers and velvet hangers or even suit hangers and wooden hangers can be the best fit. Make sure you are accounting for the items you need to hang and what would be best for the piece of clothing and then decide on the correct mix in your closet.

  • Keep the colors consistent. If you are going to mix and match types of hangers keep the color consistent. As you can see in some of the pictures above we have closets with both suit hangers and velvet hangers but kept everything in black so the space stays visually streamlined.

  • Account for the weight of a piece of clothing. When you are selecting hangers make sure you are accounting for the weight of a piece of clothing – a heavy winter coat or perhaps a beaded dress might be a bit much for a thin velvet hanger and be safer on a wooden hanger.

  • Be weary of clips. While it might seem convenient to clip pants or a skirt to a hanger they can often damage the item of clothing and should be used with caution. Folding a skirt or hanging a pair of pants over the hanger bar is often a better fit.

  • Finally, did you know that not all hangers are the same size? And different sized hangers work best for different sized clothing> In general the following sizes are best for different clothing groups:

    • Kids: 10” for infants and toddlers and 12” to 14” for kids

    • Petite: 15” or 16”

    • Standard Adult: 17” to 18”

    • Oversized (great for men in a size XL and up): 19”

Favorite Hangers

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