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Before and After: Custom Built In Closets

September 23, 2020

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It has been far too long since we have had a before and after blog post around here (check out some past B&As here and here). Our team has been working on a client closet design project recently and the transformations are amazing! The client moved into a new home in DC and is in the process of renovating. There is not a ton of storage throughout the house (welcome to city living!) so we are helping design all of the closets in the home to maximize the space. We are still putting the finishing touches on the master closet (stay tuned for that one – it is so beautiful and functional) but we have wrapped up three of the closets in the house.

The three closets all serve very specific purposes and are designed for just what the client needs. We designed a yoga closet, entertaining closet and small office closet. The client needed a dedicated space to hold yoga clothes and gear, winter jackets and hiking/camping gear so these will be going in a larger closet. In the basement, we also designed an entertaining closet to hold items like candles, placemats and bigger platters that she can’t fit in the kitchen (she will be all set post social distancing) and a small office closet as she is transitioning from an office space to a home office.

The Process

1. The first step in the closet design process was determining the function for each closet space. This step is when we finalized the three different “types” of closets: yoga closet, entertaining closet and small office closet. From there we reviewed what the client needed to put back in the space to ensure we were keeping that in mind when designing the closet. For example it wouldn’t make sense to include a hanging rod in the office closet.

2. The next step was the measure all of the spaces. Since this client is in the process of renovating the home we were able to get in the space while it was under construction. We used these initial measurements to create the design but ensured we left room for drywall in the measurements. After the drywall was finished we measured again to triple check all of the details before placing the order. Ordering anything based on the measurements pre-drywall is risky so we always cushion the timeline for that second measure check.

3. After we had the final measurements we got to designing using the The Container Store’s Elfa design system. These closet’s in the client’s home are truly going to be workhorses so we stuck with the basic Elfa systems. We also had the luxury of designing the closets while the house was still in progress so we were able to make little customizations like including an outlet in the office closet for the printer at just the right height..

4. Finally, we had the closets systems delivered and installed by the client’s contractor.

5. The closets are now ready to be filled and organized as soon as the rest of the construction wraps up on the home. We will be helping our client declutter before anything goes into the new space so that she can start fresh in each closet.

These closets are going to give our client so much needed storage and amazing functionality. TELL ME: what closets in your life need a little refresh?

Yoga Closet





Entertaining Closet




Home Office Closet



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