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Bathroom Organization Inspired by Get Organized with The Home Edit

October 7, 2020

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I am a brand ambassador with The Container Store and this blog was written in partnership with them.

How many of you have watched Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix? Let’s be honest, everyone is raising their hand! I have loved watching the movement over the past month and how organization is taking center stage in so many homes across the country.

This month I partnered with The Container Store to use their new line of The Home Edit products to organize my bathroom. The Container Store has partnered with iDesign and The Home Edit to release exclusive new products to organize your bathroom from under your sink to your medicine cabinet. And let me tell you – they are good!

If you have watched, Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix you have heard Clea and Joanna talk about their system for organizing: edit, categorize, contain and maintain. This system is very similar to the process that all professional organizers (myself included) use when tackling any project. Organizing my bathroom was no different with just an extra step thrown in.


To start my bathroom organization project, I knew I was going to be both organizing my makeup and creating a hair station. I took all of the items I had for those two categories out and decluttered. I tossed anything I don’t need/use any more and created a donate pile for anything that can be donated.

When decluttering makeup, don’t forget that makeup does expire so clearing out any old products is good not only for space but for your health. See my guide here for guidelines on how long products can last.


I then started the categorizing phase of organizing and matched up all like with like. I started with the larger categories (makeup and hair) and then honed in from there.


I add in a measure step to any organizing project. There is nothing worse than having a whole plan in place for your project and finding out that the “product” doesn’t fit (anyone remember Retta’s leisure lounge?). Measuring is such an important step and if you sign up for my newsletter (here) you will get access to a video on how to measure your space for product.


After I measured the space I selected the product to use to organize my items.

First, for my makeup drawer, I used the Angled Expandable Drawer Organizer. This piece allows for different spaces for different types of makes up (like all of my lipsticks) and is adjustable to perfectly fit your space.

I then used a combination of the The Home Edit Stackable Drawers and The Home Edit Medium Bin Organizer Clear to create two zones on my countertop. I create a hair station with all of my brushes, hair products and accessories separated into individual groups. I used a similar set up for face essentials and nail polish. I kept this section to the items that I use the most so they are close at hand.


Even for a professional organizer like myself there is work to keep systems in place. I didn’t feel like labels were crucial for this project as I will be “in the system” daily but I will make sure that I am checking on myself to ensure I am putting everything back where it belongs.

TELL ME: what have you organized since watching The Home Edit show? Have you been following their systems and stocking up on product?




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