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Summer Organization Guide

July 4, 2019

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Rachel Rosenthal - Summer Organization Guide -

The summer months are the perfect time to tackle all of those organization projects you may have been putting off. I’ve compiled a complete summer organization guide with the top 5 areas you should organize on as well as the best products to use to help you organize them.

How To Get Organized This Summer

1. Fridge & Pantry (Kitchen). As one of the most used areas in your home it’s important that it’s well organized. To do this, remove all items from your fridge and pantry and discard anything you no longer use or is expired (yuck!). Wipe out the shelves and put everything back by category. Check out my previous blog post here (and my favorite kitchen products below) to help you get organized in this area of your home.

2. Closets. With the warm weather (and the humidity) here to stay it’s a great time to go through and organize the contents of your closets. Go through and purge any items you no longer wear, love, or that aren’t in great condition. Put all items back by category and make sure that the pieces you reach for often are front and center. Read this post to learn the best tips for designing and organizing your closets.

3. Storage Room(s). Whether it’s a dedicated room, your attic or garage, this area is probably not glamorous but most likely this is where you store stuff you don’t even realize you have. It’s time to revisit what’s been gathering dust in these areas and decide “yes or no” on whether they continue to stay or its time to go. Check out this great post on how to organize this area of your home or here to see how we transformed this small storage space for under $500!

4. Bathroom Drawers. Bathroom drawers can quickly become a “catch-all” for stuff you frequently use and grab. Tackle those drawers by getting rid of anything expired or you that you no longer use. When you’re loading the contents back into the drawer, make sure to give priority placement to those items that you need on a regular basis, and use drawer organizers (linked below!) to keep the categories separated within the drawer to prevent the contents from getting mixed up. Before you go wild and purchase a bunch of organizing products for your drawers, make sure to read my measuring post so you’ll know exactly what sizes to buy.

5. Kids Rooms. While my girls are away at camp I’ll be working on organizing this area of my home. Start with discarding what no longer functions or age appropriate then review what is left to determine if it should be donated or if should stay, and then categorize and store all the keepers in a way that is easy for your child to access the contents. For more tips on organizing kids spaces, check out this previous post (bonus: it explains how to get kids involved in the process!).

What area do you plan on tackling first this summer? Comment below!

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