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Rachel and Company: Organized Moving Services

June 13, 2019

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We are in the middle of our busiest season of the year—moving season!— and we are currently working on a very large move for one of our clients (be sure to check out Instagram for behind the scenes pictures and videos!) and they are working with us for our moving services. A question I frequently get asked is “how can your company help with my move?”.

So, today on the blog I’m going to be breaking down exactly what we do with our moving services and why you should consider us for your next move (trust me…we are truly the best when it comes to assisting clients with their moves, if I don’t say so myself!). We make the process easy for you so that in the end, getting organized for your move isn’t a stressful event because we know, there are enough other things in life for that! We make sure getting prepared for your move and the actual move is actually enjoyable so that you want to (maybe) do it again… At least in a few years!

How Rachel and Company Can Help You Move

1. Declutter and purge. Before we pack the contents of your home and before you move, we work with you to identify what items you want to keep and what items you want to donate. This way we are laying the foundation to create a smoother, more purposeful transition into your new home. We assist with finding new homes for the items that no longer work with you and you and your lifestyle and coordinating services like donation, consignment, trash, handyman assistance and more.

2. We pack up the contents. We will wrap and pack every single item in your home AND create a detailed inventory of what goes in each (numbered and labeled!) box so you know exactly what is in each box and where each one should go on the day of the move. If you have your movers do the packing, we help with the inventorying and making sure each box is packed not just with the contents of what is around the box when it is packed but with the proper items that work in your new home, all together.

3. We coordinate the move. We work directly with your moving company and any other vendors and oversee and handle any day of moving logistics. This means we can help find a moving company for you to work with (we have our trusted sources!), coordinate an estimate and then are there on-site throughout the entire move so that you can be at work (yes, it can happen) doing something else at your new home or more. We then make sure your old house is closed up and the move goes seamlessly. We even sometimes pack our own car with items that movers will not take (liquids) or valuables.

4. We unpack and organize. Not only will my team unpack your items but we will also install organizing product and organize all your existing items giving them a permanent home in your new space. By starting out organized you’re more likely to stay organized and this is the goal of our moving services. We want you to make sure there aren’t unopened boxes left in the garage (trust me, we know it happens often) but everything is unpacked and organized so you can live in your new house and enjoy it!

5. Donation, Junk, and Trash. As an added bonus we coordinate the removal of trash (like all those packing boxes!), junk, and any items you want to donate so that the first night that you’re in your new home you can relax and enjoy spending time making new memories with your family.

As with any of our moving services, we work with you to customize the process to your needs. Want us to unpack but don’t need day of coordination services? No problem! Want us to organize but have packing under control? Great! The point of working with a company like Rachel and Company on your move is to make your life easier and ultimately create a more organized home.

Are you in the process of moving or getting ready to move? Let Rachel and Company help you have the easiest and most organized move yet! Contact us today for more details.

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