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3 Tips to Get Your Kids to Organize (as seen on the Rachael Ray Show)

February 20, 2019

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Proud mom moment: my identical twin girls were on the Rachael Ray Show this week!

If you’ve been following for a while, you’ll remember that my daughters Ellie and Marin shared their tips with Rachael Ray last year (more on that in this post), and Rachael Ray invited the girls to skip school and come hang out with her to hear more of their tips!

With a focus on easy tips that elementary-aged kids can implement on their own, my girls shared the top ways that they stay organized at home. Of course, I’ve encouraged their organized behavior over the years (it’s my career after all!), but there are so many organizing habits that my girls have learned from school from an early age that helped to contribute to their lifestyle. After all, even preschool kids are expected to keep up with their items, hang up their coats and bags, and put toys and supplies away, so shouldn’t the same be true at home?

Rachel Rosenthal - The Rachael Ray Show -

TIP #1: Use door tags to label your clothes

Getting your clothes ready before school makes it so much faster to get ready in the morning, and as parents I know you can relate to wanting to save time every day during the school rush! Have your kids choose their outfits ahead of time and then use door tags to slip over the hangers. Each door tag can be assigned for a specific day. It makes it so easy so that your kids aren’t coming up with an outfit in a hurry and know how to quickly find what to wear each day.

TIP #2: Color code your books

Let your kid choose their preferred method! Whether that’s rainbow order, by genre, or by series, the style should be however helps them find the book that they are looking for and know how/where to put it back.

TIP #3: Alphabetize your books

Alphabetizing your books is such a fast way to find the book that you need. My girls love to color code their books and then alphabetize each color. So, when you go to a new color, you know that the first book you find will be at the beginning of the alphabet. This makes it super fast to find the exact book that you are looking for!

*BONUS TIP*: Keep a donation bin nearby

Keep a donation bin in your kids rooms at all times, so that when they come across an items that doesn’t fit or that they no longer use or want, they can throw it in the bin.

Want to see the full segment? Click here to watch or check out the video below!

I’d love to know: are there any tricks or tips that your kids would add to the list? I know that my girls aren’t alone in their love and interest for all things organization!

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