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Top 10 Favorite Organizing Products for Your Home

January 17, 2019

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I am frequently asked about the products that I use when organizing client’s homes, which products are my favorite, where to buy them, etc. I get it! There are so many products out there and it can be overwhelming where to look and how to know what is needed.

So, before I dive into my favorite organizing products, let me highlight a few important tips before you go out and purchase a single product.

Tip #1: Measure. Be sure to measure the space that you will be adding products so that you know what exactly is needed to fill the space. If you’re storing items that are oversized, take a quick measurement so that you know what size bin/basket/box is needed to contain the item. Trust me: it’s worth the time to jot down the measurements to avoid the frustration of having to go back to the store when you realize what you bought doesn’t fit! Take a look at this post that dives into how to measure for organizing products before you start shopping.

Tip #2: Reuse and repurpose what you have on hand. Know your budget before you embark on an organizing product shopping trip so that you aren’t tempted to overspend. Take a look around your house to identify opportunities to repurpose what you already have on hand. Baskets, bins, drawer inserts, and shoe boxes are great options for helping you get organized. Plus, if you decide that you would like to swap them out for another more aesthetically-pleasing solution down the line, that’s fine! But repurposing what you have allows for you to get started on getting organized right away.

Now, where to shop? This is completely dependent on your budget and aesthetic, but here’s a list of my go-to spots that I find have a lot of variety:

When you’re shopping for organizing products, remember to think outside the box! Just because an item is in the kitchen section doesn’t mean it can’t be used in the closet or bathroom, so allow yourself to get creative with the possibilities.

Here are the products that I use time and time again, across every area of the home because they are super versatile and helpful to have on hand.

Rachel Rosenthal - Favorite Organizing Products -

Top 10 Favorite Organizing Products

  1. Drawer dividers: These handle tools are the easiest way to add “lanes” inside of your drawers. From keeping clothing categories from getting jumbled in a drawer to keeping your utensils separated neatly in the kitchen, drawer dividers (like these or these) are such a simple way to add structure to your home.

  2. Drawer inserts: Once you’ve decluttered your drawers, you’ll want to add inserts to help corral and contain each of the categories inside. Using inserts (like these or these) will allow for you to add structure to an otherwise open storage space.

  3. Open-top bins: I use open-top bins in the pantry, mudroom, kids’ rooms, and…OK, I use them everywhere because they are perfect for so many categories and for every family member to use (no hassle of taking off a lid)!

  4. Baskets: Big baskets (like these or these) near an entry are a great spot for shoes to land, or in a mudroom for each person to toss in their winter accessories. Used in a living room, baskets are great to corral items that may need to be relocated elsewhere, or as a way to store blankets and toys either in a corner, on a shelf, or under a piece of furniture.

  5. Huggable hangers: Let me tell you: all haners are not created equally. Velvet, non-slip hangers (like these or these) are well worth the investment in my opinion, because it not only gives your closet a uniform look, but it protects your garments and allows for any type of clothing to be hung up without worrying about it slipping off into the depths of your closet.

  6. Clear bins: What makes a clear bin better than other bins, in my opinion? Well, the fact that you can see the contents inside makes it even more user-friendly. My go-to clear bins are these ones (also available in a variety of sizes) because they are easy to stack and great for literally any room in your house.

  7. Turntables: Turntables/lazy susans are a clever way to squeeze out space under a sink or in the corner of a cabinet or on a shelf. There are so many versions of these handy items out there, so choose based on your needs! I love open flat versions (like these) to store oils in the kitchen, and the divider kind (like these) to keep hair accessories and cleaning supplies sorted under the sink!

  8. Shelf dividers: Tired of watching your perfectly folded pile topple over on a shelf? Add a shelf divider (like these or these) to the edge of your shelves to create a mini wall for contents to stay separated!

  9. Over-the-door units: If you’re looking for a way to maximize storage space, turn to the back of the door! From pocket organizers (like these) to structured units (like these), there is ample space that oftentimes gets overlooked.

  10. Label maker: Do you need a fancy label maker in order to get organized? Absolutely not. But, I love the convenience of printing out consistent labels to stick on bins, shelves, and containers all around the home. This is the label maker that my team uses, but if you prefer handwritten labels then these chalk label rolls are the absolute best.

I’d love to know: are there organizing products that you use and love? Let me know in the comments section!

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