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Back to School Guide 2018

August 29, 2018

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I’d like to think that I am the ultimate organizer when it comes to back to school prep, but I’ll admit that I’ve done my fair share of last minute shopping this week (what did we do before Amazon Prime?!). With the final days of summer winding down for my girls, the bags are packed and the girls are ready to be reunited with their friends and meet their new teachers. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to grab any last minute supplies, find ways to spruce up your home for the new school year, or add a little organization into your daily routine, check out my full round-up of favorites below (all available on Amazon!).

  1. A slim notebook to tuck in your purse to keep track of your ever growing list of to-dos

  2. A water bottle to keep your little ones hydrated while they’re at school or at practice (the flip top helps to prevent spills)

  3. A tissue box to wipe up any first day of school tears (I was a mess when my girls started kindergarten)

  4. A new set of pencils to make all of the homework seem a little more enjoyable

  5. A growth chart to track and serve as visual reminder of how quickly your kids grow over the year

  6. A cute prop for the obligatory school year pictures

  7. A welcome mat to greet your kids (and playdates!) at the end of the day

  8. A divided food container to help separate and store a variety of options

  9. A coffee thermos because it’s necessary during morning drop-off and carpool lines

  10. A classic backpack that can be used for several school seasons to come

  11. An alarm clock for your kids to get adjusted to the new wake-up time and routine

  12. A zippered pouch to contain all the small necessities in a bag

  13. A cute bin to catch library books that need to be returned, shoes as they get kicked off at the door, or lunch boxes at the end of the day

  14. A globe to encourage discussion about other cultures, travel, and geography

  15. A wall clock hung up in a central location for everyone to see

  16. A set of reusable sandwich bags to waste less throughout the school year

  17. A fresh stack of Post-Its for lunch box notes, reminders, or everyday use

  18. A letter board to post daily meals, reminders, or inspirational quotes for the family

  19. A laptop case to tote your work around throughout the day

  20. A spot for your kids to hang backpacks and coats as they come through the door

  21. A cute placemat to make meal time cleanup a bit quicker and less messy

  22. A caddy to contain all homework supplies

  23. A menu planning pad to avoid the 5:00PM “what’s for dinner?” rush

  24. A new lunchbox since last year’s is a bit too worse for wear

Ready to see more favorites and must-haves? Click here to check out my full Back to School Guide on Amazon!

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