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April 2, 2018

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While it can be tempting to think of how you can transform your entire home during spring cleaning/organizing, it can also be overwhelming and time consuming. Instead, narrow your focus to a few select areas that will make the most impact, like your kitchen and pantry.

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When you set out to organize your kitchen and pantry, make sure to avoid making these common mistakes so that you can save on time, money, and ensure that you make the  most out of your available space.


MISTAKE #1: Storing items where there is room, rather than where they are used
When it comes to organization, always categorize and store like with like. Keep measuring cups with other baking tools, and serving pieces grouped together so that when they are needed you know where to find them.

MISTAKE #2: Investing in quick-fix containers
It can be tempting to purchase a product that “works well enough” when the price is right, but it may not be the right solution for your needs. Invest in quality products with secure lids and environmentally-friendly materials (we love using bpa-free glass containers) that keep your food fresh.

MISTAKE #3: Piling instead of filing
Stacking contents make it difficult to see what options are available (unless you are nesting products to save on space). Think of your pantry, drawers, and inside of your cabinets as filing systems. Pot lid organizers are great to store and divide lids for pots and pans, tupperware, and even soft lunch boxes.

MISTAKE #4: Leaving open vertical space
Maximize the vertical space in your pantry and cabinets by adjusting the shelves to meet your space needs. For shelves that aren’t adjustable, add risers (we love expand-a-shelf for cans and spices) or shelf expanders which add an extra layer of storage to your existing shelf.

MISTAKE #5: Keeping everything in original packaging
Discard bulky cardboard boxes and transfer loose contents into clear sealed bins to keep contents fresh. Not only will you save on space, but you’ll be able to quickly identify what’s available and what should be replaced.

MISTAKE #6: Keeping products until they run out, you move, etc.
Don’t forget to check for expiration dates during your seasonal clean outs. Schedule a date every couple of months to scan what’s in stock and discard any products that have gone bad. Oils and spices can take a while to get through, so they are usually the categories that get looked over the most!

MISTAKE #7 Using your junk drawer as a catch-all
Give everything in your home a spot so that the “junk” drawer has a distinct purpose. You’ll want to keep your frequently accessed essentials combined in one location, but to keep it functional make sure not to overload the drawer with items that you aren’t reaching for regularly.

PRO TIP: Reset the kitchen each night. Put away leftovers, clean up the countertops, and run or empty the dishwasher each night so that the kitchen is clear for the following day. When you walk into the kitchen the next morning you’ll be grateful that there isn’t a dirty spaghetti dish staring back at you.

Ready to tackle the organization in your kitchen? We’ve created a hand kitchen organizing guide that you can grab here (click to download).

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