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Spring Cleaning with Grove Collaborative and Finally Letting Go of My Baby Shower Dress (10 years later!)

March 15, 2018

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As a professional organizer, I should probably tell you that I love Spring cleaning, right? I should probably tell you getting things organized for Spring is a breeze in my home because every room is already perfectly in place and that since we don’t have clutter the process takes minutes to keep up. I mean, it’s literally my job to help people declutter and get their homes in order, but that doesn’t mean that my home always is neat all the time. We are an active family of four and we LIVE in our house. It will never be perfectly neat and that is ok with me.

The most challenging area for me during Spring cleaning is my closet. I do all the right things on paper: I keep it color coded, sorted by type, and have a donation bin on the floor at all times to toss in clothing I know longer want or need. But, there are always a few surprises.

I have a confession…last year I donated the dress that I wore to my girls’ baby shower. LAST YEAR…as in a decade after I wore the dress when I was expecting my now 10-year old identical twin daughters. I used to work with Stacy London (you might remember her from What Not To Wear) and I remember telling her about the dress. It was a Forever 21 shapeless frock that I loved for not only the style but for the memory that I had worn it to such a special life event. As I told Stacy about the dress I could immediately tell that she was not on board with me keeping it in my wardrobe because it didn’t fit my body at that time. She asked me if I had planned on having twins again! I mean, but couldn’t I just belt it? So, against her advice, I put the dress into a box for safe keeping. The box sat at the top of my closet and year after year I would clean around the box, shifting it around in my closet as the years went by. Last year I finally got to the point when I got real with myself. “Rachel, your dusting clutter,” I thought to myself. It took me years to come to that realization because I never took the time to really revisit the box. I just moved it around and since there was space in my closet it was fine.

There are so many items in our homes like my baby shower dress. Maybe it’s the scuba gear that you used on your first trip as a married couple, or your prom dress or trophies from when you were young. Spring cleaning is the time to really take note of these items and ask yourself why you are holding on to them and if it’s time to let them go. I realized I will still have the memories from my baby shower and I don’t need a dress to remind me.

Rachel and Company - Grove Collaborative -


What I plan on doing this year is to pull everything out of each area of my home, give it a good review, a deep clean, and then load it all back in. If that feels too overwhelming for you, start with one area at a time. This year I’ll be starting with my office, as I own about 10 too many organizing books and I’m not about to dust around them.

Whatever area your tackling this Spring, by having the right products on hand before you begin will make the process more efficient and help you get the most out of your time getting your home cleaned and organizing. I always make sure to have enough cleaning products and supplies on hand before diving into the organization and deep cleaning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve made it a priority to stock my home with safe, non-toxic products that are safe for my family and that can keep my home clean. This year for Spring cleaning I’m excited to work with Grove Collaborative, a company that curates the best natural products into only online shop and delivers them right to your door.

Rachel and Company - Grove Collaboratie -

Here’s a list of everything that I ordered in preparation for this year’s spring cleaning (all for $24!):

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring hand soap – FREE

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring dish soap – FREE

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring multi-surface spray – FREE

  • Grove Collaborative Spring kitchen towel – FREE

  • Arm & Hammer baking soda – $1.59

  • Bon Ami powder cleanser – $1.49

  • Walnut scrubber sponges – $3.95

  • Method daily shower spray – $2.99

  • Grove Collaborative recycled plastic loofah – $3.95

  • Grove Collaborative dish brush – $6.95

  • Seventh Generation disinfecting multi-surface wipes – $2.99

As someone with an autoimmune disease and a mom, I want to create an all-natural home, free of chemicals for my girls. It also makes Spring organizing and cleaning that much easier and safe.

The thing that I love about Grove Collaborative is that they have recurring shipments each month which makes it easy to not forget to buy something before you are about to run out of it. They will send you out a reminder so you can make sure you want it, add more things or decide you don’t that month.

There is no fee to join the Grove Collaborative Community! You only pay for the products you buy, and shipping is a flat rate of $2.99 no matter how big your order is (which is great for spring cleaning when we go through more cleaner than usual!).

Don’t take my word for it: You can try the scents for yourself FREE from Grove Collaborative when you place your first order of $20 using my link.

I’d love to know: what areas of your home are at the top of your list to tackle this Spring?

This post is in partnership with Grove Collaborative. All opinions are my own.

When you place your first order of $20 using my link, you’ll also be signed up for the free 60 day VIP trial. For 60 days, save even more with free shipping, free gifts, price matching, exclusive sales and personal service.

When you sign up today using my link you’ll receive:

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring hand soap

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring dish soap

  • Free Mrs. Meyer’s Spring multi-surface spray

  • Grove Collaborative Spring kitchen towel (new! Cornflower blue)

  • Free Shipping & 60 Day VIP Trial

Existing customers will get free Grove walnut scrubber sponges, which are perfect for all your spring cleaning. 

Don’t wait — Mrs. Meyer’s mint, peony, and lilac are limited-edition scents, and these kits always go fast! Here’s how to get yours:

  • Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the Grove Spring kitchen towel for free when you sign up!

  • To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days.

  • You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

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