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Rachel and Company is 10 Years Old!

February 15, 2018

Hello, I'm Rachel
I’m a busy mom, entrepreneur, and an expert in organizing your home, office, and life. I believe in the profound impact of organizing on every aspect of life. 
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And just like *that* a decade has gone by. I’m sharing my thoughts on it all below, and trust me when I say that I tried to be brief. Stick around to the end of this post because there’s something in it for you!

Rachel and Company - Rachel Rosenthal -

What I didn’t know in 2007 when I started my business was that there was a lot of change in my future. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know a lot about me personally. You’ve been there when I announced the birth of my identical twin girls, when I went through my divorce, when I moved (multiple!) times, when I turned 40, and when I got married last year. When I write that all out I feel like it’s impossible to have condensed so many life changes in between those years, but it all went by in a blink of an eye.

In the early years I was organizing 7 days a week. It was tough to say the least, and not to mention I was a new mom to multiples so time was even more scarce than it is now. Honestly, I couldn’t do it today and am grateful that 2007 Rachel was motivated to put in the hours that paved the path for what my business would become.

Since those long days of working projects on my own, I’ve expanded my team. The only way that this became possible is because people continued to trust me in their homes. I’ve seen it all. I know what decades’ worth of clutter looks like. I have been a sounding board on many, many occasions as I help guide clients through the their physical and emotional clutter and help them create a home and lifestyle that they’ve been dreaming of.  I’ve worked with over TWO THOUSAND families. Two thousand! It’s hard to wrap my head around that number because I can still remember the first time a paying client agreed to work with me (yes, I say ‘paying’ because in the early years I did a lot of free work just to get my name out there!).

Hands down, the biggest impact on my business has been the people. The majority of my business comes from referral and word of mouth, and I know that if you’re reading this you’ve liked played a role in my success. I’ve worked with stay-at-home parents, nannies, politicians, celebrities, interior designers, architects, and more. Thank you to each and every person who continues to share their positive experience because you are making the hustle a lot more manageable for me.

You’ve also been there for me through my professional milestones. I’m honored to have my expertise recognized in the press, and am grateful to have the experience to go on live TV segments with my girls. I’ve had countless “pinch me” moments over the years, including working with my favorite Real Housewives of NYC (do you watch the show?), seeing my name in print in national magazines, and working alongside Jura Koncius for The Washington Post’s Facebook Live segment on organization.

The 10 years have been filled with highs, but in order to reach those moments I did have to fight my way to the top. I had to learn how to work from home, manage my time, lead a team, and wear the hat of every department in a business (i.e. marketing, accounting, PR, etc.). There are reasons that many small businesses do not make it past the first couple of years, and I recognize the significance of 10 years in business. It took a lot of work, trust, failures, successes, and determination. There is no such thing as a 40-hour work week and up until recent years there weren’t great resources to turn to for guidance. Thank you for being there to cheer me on when at times it seemed easier just to call it a day.

Organization has always been and will always be the backbone of Rachel and Company. What I’ve learned over the last 10 years though is that I want to reach more people and be able to offer services in addition to professional organizing with clients in their homes. I’ve been asked time and time again over the years if I’ll ever expand my services, teach more about my organizing techniques, or share my expertise to organizers starting out.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

I realized that I wanted to work with more of YOU, which is why I’ve added (and will continue to add) services and content to serve your needs. So, what does that actually mean?


  • LIFE | DESIGNED products: guess what? I created a new line of products! Yup, all you fellow paper lovers are going to love my notepad collection featuring Things To Do, Meal Planning, and Weekly Planner. You can shop them right here.

  • Shopping: I get asked “where’d you get…” and “what do you recommend for…” on a daily basis, so I’ve revamped the Shop section to give you a one-stop spot for all of my favorites. The lists will be updated regularly, and here you’ll be able to find not only the products that I recommend and use in my client’s home, but also see the exact products that I use in my own home.

  • Blog: In an effort to create more content that you can replicate in your own homes, like how-tos and tips to take on as your own, we’ll be blogging more often! Our editorial calendar is full of ideas that we can’t wait to get your way, but if there is anything specific you’d like for us to cover let me know in the comments!

  • Collaborations: I’m often asked about the products that I use and the brands that I recommend in order to help create beautifully organized homes. I’m excited to continue to provide content that introduces you to the companies that I know and trust.

  • Speaking: I’m passionate about communicating how organization can improve everyday life and am excited to be doing more speaking in small workshop settings, conference and retreat sessions and in front of large audiences.

  • For Professional Organizers: For the first time ever, I’m spilling my secrets. From how to get a business off of the ground to one-on-one coaching calls, I can’t wait to connect with like-minded business owners who are passionate about all organizing like me. (PS-if you’re one them make sure to join our private Facebook page)

If you’re still with me, thank you! Honestly, there is so much more on the horizon and I can’t wait to continue to share these changes with you. Thanks for sticking with me as I create my dream career here at Rachel and Company and the last ten years.

With much gratitude,


PS: To celebrate 10 years in business I wanted to offer 10% off all LIFE | DESIGNED and Poppin products. Stop by the shop to pick up your goods and enter 10YEARS during checkout through the month of February to receive your savings!

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  1. Mel says:

    Congratulations Rachel on your first 10 years! It is so encouraging to newbies like me to read such success stories, and to hear the human voice behind it! I took my blog to the next step – a real live professional organising business – here in Scotland in November. Looking forward to your next chapter! Mel

    • Rachel Rosenthal says:

      Thank you so much for the congratulations! I am so proud of you for taking your blog to the next step and creating a business. You go girl! I am looking forward to hearing about YOUR next chapter. Make sure you join us in our new Facebook group for organizers. It is a community that I think you will find truly supportive for you and your growing business. See you there!

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