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My daily essentials (and how you can get them on sale TODAY!)

July 21, 2017

Hello, I'm Rachel
I’m a busy mom, entrepreneur, and an expert in organizing your home, office, and life. I believe in the profound impact of organizing on every aspect of life. 
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Due to the nature of my profession (and being a mom to twin 9-year olds), my “typical” day is far from normal and usually involves me running around from location to location doing everything from client walkthroughs, on-site organizing projects, product selections and desk work, or shuttling my girls to their next camp/class/etc.

When I head out the door in the morning I’m armed with the essentials that will get me through the day, knowing that I will likely be away from my home for many hours. Over the last 9 years of learning to balance motherhood and my full-time career, there are products that have become my go-tos because they work with my busy and demanding schedule. Some of the most frequent questions from clients and on social media revolve around the products that I use (especially when they can help streamline routines and make getting out the door easier).  There is no single product out there that can magically create a more organized lifestyle (totally wish there was!), but by choosing products that I can depend on daily makes it easier for me to focus on everything else going on in my life. Because let’s face it, I don’t have the time to focus on these types of things every morning, do you?

I’m not a big proponent of “stocking up” on products just because something is on sale (especially when there is the potential to expire and it doesn’t really fit your needs), but when I come across a deal that coincides with my needs or daily essentials it makes perfect sense to me to make the purchase. I look forward to annual sales, like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, because I know that every year around this time I am able to replenish and replace my tried-and-true favorites that I use daily. The sale is officially open to non-card holders (like myself) today and I’m excited to cross off a few items from my wishlist.

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I try to be strategic when it comes to shopping and always focusing on what is realistic for my lifestyle (you will very rarely find me in heels) and what I actually need (like when my favorite black shirt has become so faded that it no longer qualifies as that color).

To avoid over purchasing and spending too much time scrolling through the pages online, I categorize my go-tos so that I stay focused on selecting items that I know that I love and will get use out of.

Below are the categorizes that I use and my favorite products within them. I have carefully curated my picks, so you don’t have to waste time searching!


I am always in search of clothing that is breathable, flexible, and versatile. I love that Nordstrom offers great staple pieces that I know will transition well from a client walkthrough to an evening networking event.

It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of beauty products, so I always take advantage of the reduced price to grab a new color of lipstick or replace a palette that has hit its lifespan.

I spend a majority of the day on my feet and depend on comfortable footwear that I can wear for hours on end. While my go-tos for client appointments are athletic shoes, I also need for options for when I’m outside of my athleisure attire.

This has been my busiest travel year to date (I have 5 more trips before September!) and now more than ever I depend on gear to make packing a breeze and improve the overall travel experience.

I wouldn’t know where to be or what to do without my planner and to-do lists. I go through supplies at a rapid rate and am always looking for new products to replenish my stock streamline my processes. Since my office is at the house, I like to surround myself with pieces that are true to the rest of my home’s aesthetic.

What are your daily essentials? What do you always keep on hand, regardless of what’s  on your schedule? Are there any items that you stock up on whenever they go on sale? Let us know in the comment section!

Rachel and Company is a professional organizing firm based in Bethesda, MD, serving clients in the Washington, DC area including: Potomac, Maryland Georgetown, the Palisades, McLean, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia.

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