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Our New YouTube Series: Organizing For Kids, By Kids

March 1, 2017

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As the daughters of a professional organizer, it should come as no surprise that my identical twins have been exposed to creating a more organized, yet realistic lifestyle. Whether it’s explaining the reasons behind donating the things we no longer use or how to respect toys and clothing by putting them away, I know that my daughters have been exposed to a lot of “lessons” over the years. And when I say exposed, I don’t want anyone to think that things are perfect and neat in our household all the time. It’s actually quite the opposite, as “perfection” is not what we strive for or what works in our household.

Getting organized isn’t a one time event for us, but instead a way of life. In general, we are finding a place for everything and creating systems that make life easier, which does not mean adding more rigidity, color coding and time consuming activities to drain the joy out of everyday life!

When my girls were toddlers I showed them how and where to put their toys away, in preschool we created a drop zone for their coats, bags, and shoes, and over the years the systems have expanded to include school and artwork and–most recently–becoming more independent with tasks like packing their lunches.

Ever since my daughters were born, I’ve received countless questions about how we keep organized and any and all tips surrounding how to get and stay organized with children.

Rachel and Company - Organizing Tips for Kids -


I’m excited to announce that we have launched a new series on our YouTube channel dedicated to organizing with kids with my daughters fielding the questions! Our first video discusses How To Pack Your School Lunch.

We hope that these quick, fun videos are helpful for you (and your children!) and we would love to know what other topics you would like to see covered.



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